Which is better kisses or hugs

Why We Should Hug Each Other More: A hug is a kiss from the heart

We touch other people lovingly when they have a very special meaning for us. A kiss, a night of love or a caress are wonderful expressions of physical and emotional affection. A hug is more than that. It is a sign of opening, acceptance and holding on. By opening our arms and embracing the other, a special feeling of closeness and familiarity arises. We affirm the other because we let him get very close to us and feel it.

A deep hug gives you a feeling of security

The feeling of security and the feeling of being accepted can be achieved with an intimate hug be more intense than a kiss or the act of love. You embrace or wrap your arms around the other and hug them to you. You can feel the warmth, maybe even the heartbeat - for the moment of the deep embrace it is as if the hearts and the hearts kiss Touch souls.

The "cuddle hormone" oxytocin is released when you hug

This is a beneficial energy released that mutually transmits. It can have an encouraging effect when we are looking for comfort, encouraging or motivating, depending on the state of mind in which we are. It has been scientifically proven that a hug is also beneficial.

A hug promotes the formation of the "cuddle and relaxation hormone" Oxytocin. At the same time that will Stress hormone cortisol reduced. It also lowers blood pressure and prevents depression.

Hugs can involve many feelings

Hugs are not just dedicated exclusively to the partner. We also hug children, parents, friends and acquaintances, regardless of age or gender. A hug can be loving, passionate, tender or warm. Lovers wrap their arms around each other, babies are hugged as soon as they are born and friends are warmly hugged as a sign of friendship.

The occasions for a hug are very different: love, consolation, joy, sadness are just a few. Even if we seek protection, we like to put ourselves in the arms of a loved one, whose tight grip gives us the feeling of security and protection.

Comfort without words: to be hugged

It is particularly beneficial for the soul to be hugged. You don't feel yourself in any other physical contact more secure and understood, even without words. He expresses feelings without language. Similar to looking in the eye, there is a wonderful magic inherent in the moment of the hug that does not need any words and is also difficult to put into words.