What does it mean to bring the hammer down

Destiny 2: So you use and improve the new exam hammer from Season 13

In Destiny 2, you now have access to a new feature in Season 13 - the Fire Trial Testing Hammer. We explain to you how you can charge it, improve it, use it correctly and how you can use it to determine your own loot.

This is what this is about: In Destiny 2, Season 13, the Season of the Chosen, started on February 9th. In order to survive against the Cabal force, you have to prove yourself on battlefields and use the new fire test hammer correctly.

MeinMMO explains step by step how to improve the seasonal item, what you need Kabal gold for and how you can focus your Umbral engrams with the exam hammer. This guide will be expanded and kept up-to-date during the Season of the Chosen.

  • This is important because you will have to deal with it all of Season 13 and beyond.
  • After each section you will find the most important information briefly summarized again.

Before we explain the new mechanics to you in detail, here are the basics in quick succession:

Where can you find the fire-testing hammer in Destiny 2?

Have you mastered the introductory quest of season 13 ("A challenger rises"), you can find your fire-testing hammer in the quest menu.

How do I charge the exam hammer?

You must equip the hammer with a “Challenger Medallion” - which costs Kabal gold. Then you smash boxes with the hammer at the end of the new activity “Battlefield” to get a charge.

What do I do with the loaded fire-testing hammer?

With the charges you can determine your loot yourself. To do this, you have to go to the new “H.E.L.M.” Base (in the tower). Here you then focus Umbral engrams to get weapons or armor.

Can I upgrade the Firestop Hammer?

Yes. You do that at the strategy table of H.E.L.M. and you have to master seasonal challenges.

Fire test hammer from Season 13 explained in detail

If you open the 3 different hammer menus, it can be quite overwhelming. We will therefore guide you step by step through the functionality of the fire-testing hammer from season 13.

You have to do this first: Your hammer alone does not bring you anything, you have to equip it with a mod in the quest menu - press on “Details”.

  • Here you only have one mod, a so-called challenger medallion, available to you at first. This is reminiscent of the bait load mods from Season 12.
  • Only when you have activated the challenger medallion, your hammer can collect the important charges.
  • By default, the Etched Challenger Medallion costs 14 Cabal Gold.

In short: Put a Challenger Medallion in the Firecracker Hammer, which costs Cabal Gold.

Off to the battlefields

How to charge the exam hammer: If you have a Challenger Medallion in your Trial Hammer, you should play the new Seasonal Activity, Battlegrounds.

  • Have you knocked down the cabal boss, a normal loot box appears.
  • In addition, 3 more boxes appear, which you can only open with the hammer - more precisely, smash them.
  • The additional boxes contain seasonal loot, but also a hammer load and sometimes Cabal artifacts that unlock new focusing options.
  • Remember that you must first put the challenger medallion in the hammer before you can smash the crates.

In short: Smash one of the 3 extra boxes in the vanguard version of battlefields to load the hammer.

This is the “real” battlefield: You have to choose a special version of the battlefield activity. Controls the vanguard playlist in orbit. At the bottom left you will find a crisper version of the battlefields.

So do not select the battlefields directly on the locations - no boxes appear here to hammer at the end.

What is Kabal Gold and where do you get it in Season 13?

Kabal gold is a seasonal resource. You need it to equip the fire-testing hammer with challenger medallions and ultimately receive hammer charges.

How to find Kabal gold: The material is waiting at the end of various activities. You must have received the Fire Trial Hammer once in the introductory quest of Season 13 in order to find gold.

Play these activities:

  • Strikes from the vanguard playlist (14 Kabal gold) - twilight counts too
  • Crucible Matches (8 Kabal Gold)
  • Gambit Matches (9 Kabal Gold)
  • Public events at all locations (depending on difficulty, 5 to 8 Kabal Gold)
  • Dungeons - Prophecy, Broken Throne, Pit of Heresy
  • Nightmare hunt on the moon
  • Blind spring in the dreaming city

In the new Season Pass for Season of the Chosen, you will later unlock bonuses that grant you more Cabal Gold for graduation. It currently appears that not every activity is guaranteed to drop Cabal Gold upon completion.

In short: Play all sorts of activities until you can afford a Challenger Medallion or until you reach the maximum capacity of Cabal Gold (42 by default).

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Improve exam hammer - all about H.E.L.M. and strategy table

At the start of Season 13 you only have the basic version of the fire-testing hammer. You can and should pimp the seasonal item up a lot. To do this, you have to go to the H.E.L.M.

What is H.E.L.M.? HELMET. stands for "Hub for Emergency and Logistical Maneuvers". Imagine this new location as a compact command center for the vanguard. You can find H.E.L.M. when you select the tower from orbit in the top left of the tower map.

Here are

  • A postmaster
  • Your safe
  • The Umbral decoder
  • The prism converter
  • Crow - the NPC is important for story missions
  • The strategy table

This is how you improve the hammer: Make your way to the strategy table in H.E.L.M .. In the menu you will find a bluish picture of the fire-testing hammer - click on it.

A confusing menu opens with 21 improvement options for your exam hammer. The improvements are divided into 3 levels (1. green, 2. blue and 3. purple). You must first unlock the lower level in order to receive the next higher level.

Here you will find upgrades that allow you, for example

  • Have more than 3 hammer loads
  • Increase the Cabal Gold supply to more than 42
  • Find extra charges or gold when smashing Tribute Crates on battlefields
  • Chances for special umbral engrams

By the way, at the strategy table you can also accept raids for battlefields, buy mods and later unlock further rewards.

This is why seasonal challenges are important for Hammer improvements

Where are the great improvements from? At the beginning almost all improvements for your fire-testing hammer are blocked. You unlock them by mastering seasonal challenges.

You can find all of the Seasonal Challenges at the top of the Quest menu. For the first 11 weeks of a season you will find a number of missions and tasks here at every weekly reset (Tuesdays).

Seasonal challenges give you:

  • Experience points
  • Strategy table reputation
  • Items like weapons or cosmetics
  • Gloss dust

You need the strategy table reputation to unlock hammer improvements. In Destiny Week from February 9th to February 16th you will find 3 challenges that will give you strategy table reputation as a reward.

The Guardians are currently unsure if this is the only way to get Hammer upgrades. We'll stay tuned for you and add to the guide accordingly.

Therefore you do not have to hurry: The seasonal challenges and rewards won't go away next week. You have the entire season 13 to tackle all challenges. With this system, Bungie wants to combat foray fatigue and FOMO (fear of missing out).

- More on this here on MeinMMO: Destiny 2 no longer wants to be a foray simulator - More forays should help

In short: Incidentally, complete seasonal challenges and make great improvements.

Prism Transformers, Umbral Engrams, and Examination Hammer

You now know exactly what the Fire Trial Testing Hammer is, how to load and improve it. But what exactly do the returned Umbral Engrams and the Prism Transformer have to do with it?

For this you need the hammer: Controls in H.E.L.M. the prism converter.

  • Here you can use the loaded exam hammer to focus your found Umbral engrams.
  • So you choose exactly what loot is in the engrams
  • The more specifically you limit the loot, the more expensive it will be for you
  • For example, if you only want Kabal weapons from Season 13, it will cost you a hammer load (and other resources)

Through certain conditions, such as x kills with bows or artifacts found in tribute boxes, you will unlock more and more focussing over time.

In short: With hammer charges you can determine exactly what kind of loot you want from Umbral engrams.

All information about Umbral engrams for which you need your Hammer Loads can be found here on MeinMMO:

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One last tip: Take your time! You have until May 11, 2021, until Season 13 ends. And beyond that, H.E.L.M., the strategy table, and the fire testing hammer remain relevant throughout Year 4 of Destiny 2.

Unlock seasonal challenges on the side and reload your fire-testing hammer every now and then. You will see that you will soon have more than enough Umbral engrams to focus on and that with the new unlocks you will soon receive enough new weapons and strong armor.

Do you have any questions or further tips about the Season of the Chosen or the mechanics explained here? Share this with us and other players in the comments.

The official timetable from Bungie shows what you can expect in the next few months: Destiny 2 shows roadmap for Season 13 - This content awaits you until May