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Everyone knows them: jingles from well-known brands. We hear them in television commercials, in online audio commercials, and of course on the radio. We may not always give them due consideration, but they get stuck anyway. Sometimes for years, which is why I would like to give you an insight into my personal jingle memory.

Catchy tune?

I have to admit: I am extremely susceptible to catchy tunes. It is very different here where I heard the melody or whether I personally like it. A catchy tune unfortunately doesn't work like your personal favorite playlist.

So it happens to me that I spend my morning with “Country Roads” in my head. It's hard to bear, but a clear sign that the melody is catchy and therefore easy to remember.

Advertising melodies follow the same principle. Audio logos, jingles or entire promotional songs have to be so memorable that they are easy to remember.

Jingle: the audible brand

Ideally, we hear the jingle and it immediately “clicks” in our head - and we already have the brand name ready. Maybe we have the logo in front of our inner eye at the same time, the predominant color of the corporate identity and, if possible, a positive feeling.

Anyone who can do this has done everything right and has also placed his brand acoustically perfectly: because anyone who has a positive attitude towards a brand or company also rates its products or services as positive.

In this way, as an entrepreneur, you increase customer loyalty, but also the trust of consumers in your brand.

The self-test: my jingle memory

As already mentioned, I actually always have one or more catchy tunes a day as a companion. Certainly because I like to sing myself and can easily memorize melodies. For as long as I can remember, various promotional songs and jingles have been in my ears again and again, even if they have not been used for a long time.

Some children of the 90s may also remember one or the other melody, also because they are still used in a modified form. So here are my top 8 advertising jingles that have haunted me (in a positive or negative sense) for years.

1. "Thomy, here comes the pleasure"

The piano melody is simply unmistakable and you always have to hum along with it. I can still remember the advertising from the 90s with the lighthouse - in combination of course with the Thomy cap from the logo, which appears like a halo over everyone who has eaten Thomy mayonnaise.

2. "Mc Donald’s is simply good"

You just know the Mc Donald’s slogans. What is currently “I love it” was “Everytime a good time” in the 2000s. And in the 90s it was “Mc Donald’s is just good”.

3. "Merci that you exist"

The song by Merci has already been rewritten and set to music several times. The latest version is from the last few years. How the whole thing sounded in the 90s, you can see (or hear) in this video. A very unique catchy tune - even if you should give such important people in life a little more than "just" chocolate ...

4. "Maggi Fix for gourmet fish"

By far the most memorable advertising melody was in my childhood, Maggi, with his "Maggi Fix für Schlemmerfisch". The well-known children's song "Spannelanger Hansel" was used for the promotional song - a classic that simply sticks in the ear immediately.

5. "Orbit, of course without sugar"

"... yes it tastes so long, so long, so extra-ha long!" - I could still sing along today. Orbit is still one of the most famous brands of chewing gum, although I honestly have to admit that I couldn't remember any ads from the last 10 years ...

6. "You can build on these stones"

You probably know the Schwäbisch Hall jingle all too well. Whether sung, hummed, whistled - the melody worked back then as it does today. The advertisement dates from 2004, but the jingle has always been part of the "advertisement with the fox".

7. "Into the weekend feeling"

Also an unforgettable advertising tune from my childhood: The song from the Zott cream yoghurt advertisement. The sentence "into the weekend feeling" was still rather incomprehensible to me at the time, but the melody is very catchy and the harmonious family is of course an eye-catcher.

The promotional song was set to music again in the following years and filmed again with a new family. You want to throw yourself on the sofa at home and enjoy the weekend.

8. "Dany cream from Danone, I can never get enough of it"

Back then, athletes were really advertising for chocolate pudding topped with icing with the claim: "The secret of the champions" (not to mention all the healthy milk that is supposed to be in it): Dany cream from Danone was a big hit at the time Ready-made desserts.

Very charming: over the years, various athletes have sung more or less perfectly for the campaign.

Advertising jingles create brand identity

The list of well-known advertising jingles could go on and on. However, they all have one thing in common: the melodies are the same for many years and can always be clearly assigned to the brand or product by consumers.

The pieces of music that were mostly composed in earlier years can be modernized again and again and thus continue to be used for the brand, similar to company logos for print or now also online again and again.

It is always important to keep the basic idea and to keep the core of the melody in order not to lose the already existing relationship between the jingle and the brand.

I think everyone has their own catchy tunes that just stick in your head. My little collection will be with me for many years to come, if I ever get it out of my head ...

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Author: Lisa Emmerich

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