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Top 5 Audible Compatible MP3 Players for Enjoying Audiobooks

Audible is one of the best online platforms that has a lot of audiobooks. Without a doubt, the best choice for most users is to buy audiobooks online. If you buy a book from Audible, you certainly need a portable player to listen to audiobooks. In fact, there are many compatible MP3 players for Audible to choose from. However, before choosing the best audiobook player, you should consider some factors like storage capacity, battery life, etc.

Part 1. Factors to Select an Audible Compatible MP3 Player

1. Audio playback quality

Audio playback quality is the basic but important factor when choosing an MP3 player. Excellent playback quality will make you enjoy listening to audio books more. So it is the main factor when you try to test the players.

2. Storage capacity

If you have a large number of books to be backed up to the player, be aware that the larger the number of audiobooks, more space will be used. With more storage space, you can store and access more books.

3. Battery life

Longer battery life allows you to charge as little as possible so that you can listen to audiobooks freely. Typically, battery life up to 10 hours or more is better.

4. Compatible formats

Although several compatible MP3 players Audible supports the playback of Audible audiobooks, you will not only be able to listen to specific audio tracks with a player that supports more formats such as MP3, AAC, WMV.

With all of these points in mind, read on and find out the best Audible compatible MP3 players that will suit your tastes.

Part 2. Best 5 Audible Compatible MP3 Players

1. Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Nano is easy to control forwards and backwards and lasts 20-30 hours with 16 GB of storage space for listening to audiobooks. Plus, it includes amazing features like a built-in pedometer for fitness monitoring, Nike + support, Bluetooth 4.0, and FM radio.

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2. Creative Zen

Creative Zen offers incredible sound quality at an amazingly affordable price. The 16-hour battery life enables you to listen to the many audiobooks you will like. You can expand additional storage space by inserting an SD card.

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3.SanDisk Sansa

You can easily start and stop playing audiobooks with a simple interface. You can also drag the audiobook files via a USB cable without downloading any software. There is 8 GB of onboard storage and an SD card slot for additional storage space.

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4. Thor 64 GB Slim

Thor 64 GB Slim is very light and portable. The 64 GB flash memory allows you to store tons of audiobook files as well as many songs, photos and videos. It also has great quality with reasonable price.

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5. Zune HD

You can store a couple of audiobooks on the Zune HD with 32GB of storage. It plays audio books in crystal clear quality. You also have built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, which you can use to play movies and songs online.

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With so many handy Audible MP3 players, you can compare them and choose one that you like for listening to audiobooks. How to fix when Audibl or iTunes audiobooks won't play on MP3 player, follow this guide.

[SOLVED] Audible title cannot be played

Part 3. Audible Incompatible MP3 Player - Using an Alternative Tool

Not all MP3 players support Audible audiobooks. If you have these MP3 players, if you want to listen to these audiobooks on the MP3 player, you need a tool, Tunefab Audiobook Converter.

TuneFab Audiobook Converter is easy to use. It can remove DRM from Audible and these AAX or AA files in popular formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, etc. The functions of Audiobook Converter are:

  • Remove DRM without loss of quality

  • Support multiple formats

  • Up to 10X conversion rate

  • Keep artists and ID tags

TuneFab Audiobook Converter works with iTunes, so you need to add the appropriate AA files to iTunes first. click on "File> Add to library"so that the audiobooks are imported into your iTunes library.

Step 1. Install Audiobook Converter

Download the program on your computer by clicking Download. Then install and run it. iTunes will open automatically there too.

Step 2. Select the audiobooks

When you have started the program, all Audible files will be synchronized with the converter. You can click on "Audio books“Click, all audiobooks are displayed on the right. You can tick the box, then all Audible audiobooks will be selected.

Step 3. Set the output format

If you want the audiobooks with MP3, you can simply "MP3“As the output format. Other profile settings are automatically filled in with default settings by the program.

Step 4. Download Audible Audiobooks

Click on "Convert“And the conversion starts removing DRM from Audible. When this is finished, you can play the AA files on any device.

All in all, you should consider carefully when choosing these portable MP3 players for listening to Audible audiobooks. If you encounter unplayed problems while using this MP3 player, you can use the methods above to find out the cause and fix it.

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