What are your favorite French audio podcasts

French podcasts can be heard at work or over dinner. Listening to French podcasts gives you a constant opportunity to work on your French. Hearing only what is spoken can be tough, as there is no use of facial expressions and body language to get context. But Understanding podcasts is not impossible. If you listen to them regularly for a few weeks, you will notice a change.

Last update: April 22nd, 2021

As our ears get used to the voices of certain people, it is advisable to follow the same podcast for a period of time. That's not to say you shouldn't be trying other podcasts on the side, since you can learn something different from each podcast.

French podcasts for beginners ^

Learn French by Podcast ^

This is one of the most popular French language learners podcasts on the market. A lot of people are into iTunes free lessons to disposal. Each episode deals with a specific topic in a conversation; then the moderator goes back to the focal points of the conversation and important vocabulary.

The Vocabulary covers with subjects from Nelson Mandela, about the World Cup on Twitter, as well as music and much more a wide range. You can also download a free manual that explains exactly how the podcast works and how it works.

Discover this podcast on this one Websiteor atiTunes.


One Minute French ^

For those who never have enough time, this could be Addictive podcast be the perfect solution. The aim of this podcast is to help the listener learn basic concepts as quickly as possible. It's a great review tool, and it's really motivating to check off one lesson at a time.

Because when you've made one, you want to move on to the next!

Discover this podcast on this oneWebsiteor at iTunes.


Coffee Break French ^

Advertised as a relaxing way to learn, Coffee Break French takes a casual approach to learning.

The speakers on the podcast make learning fun by speaking in French in an accessible manner. There are real dialogues that are spoken pretty quickly. Then the hysterical moderators take the heavy parts apart. If you've ever been confused by the construction of sentences and grammar in French, this podcast could help you.

Discover this podcast on this one Websiteor atiTunes.

French podcasts for intermediate level learners^

Daily French Podcast ^

Daily French Pod is a great podcast for intermediate beginners. Louis, the host, speaks to other native speakers about everyday life every day. And by the way, useful vocabulary is introduced.

It is spoken at normal speed, so that the podcast is also suitable for French learners who are not very advanced. The podcast starts with an introduction in English, but after that French is spoken predominantly. On the website you can find supporting material such as transcripts of what has been said, which is particularly interesting for advanced learners.

Discover this podcast on this one Websiteor at iTunes.


French podcasts: One thing in a French day ^

The idea behind this series of podcasts is as simple as it is useful. Everything revolves around the life of the Parisian Laetitia. In each sequence she talks about a simple topic from her everyday life. The entire podcast is in French and Laetitia speaks very clearly and at a normal pace in her terrific voice.

The podcasts are on the short side, which makes them easy to listen to and great for picking up new vocabulary and getting used to French pronunciation. The website doesn't have a huge selection of podcasts, but Laetitia regularly uploads new ones.

Discover this podcast on this one Website.


French Podcasts.com ^

The big advantage of this podcast is that all content is in French. By and large, it's about a few French people and what happens to them in everyday life. Due to the vocabulary used and the speed of speaking, this podcast is very suitable for learners with basic knowledge. Listening to it every day is a good way to become familiar with the French pronunciation and the language patterns used.

I especially like the fact that on the page you can choose your favorite topic from work, children, hobbies, family, music, sport and other areas. There have been no current articles for some time, but a visit to the archive is still worthwhile.

And if you do not understand parts of the recordings, you can download the texts as PDF directly from the page. Discover this podcast on this one Website.



French podcasts for advanced users^

French podcasts: Podcast France ^

For advanced learners, there is nothing better than listening to podcasts for native French speakers (and not podcasts specifically for learners)!

On Podcast France under “L’annuaire du podcast francophone” you can find an incredible number of podcasts from different francophone countries, which is very interesting to get a feel for the different accents. A wide range of topics is covered: films, comics, music, marketing, sports….

There is an excellent podcast directory on this site, so you're sure to always find something to listen to on your smartphone or MP3 player. Discover this podcast on this one Website.


BONUS: two additional resources for advanced French learners^

Radio France ^

If you have never dealt with French radio before, I advise you to visit this page first. Through them you can listen to different radio channels. There are also podcasts there that you can listen to with most devices. Talking on the radio is usually quick, which can be demotivating for beginners.

For this reason, do not forget that there is no need to understand every word. You can listen to a podcast in the background while doing other work and just listen to the sound of speech.


France24 ^

France24 is a great resource for anyone who wants to hear the news in French. And there is also a lot of advanced vocabulary in messages. However, in the end you will learn how to discuss politics and economics. Since a few technical terms are of French origin, you will also be able to transfer words into your vocabulary without having to learn them!

Which podcasts do you like about learning French? Do not hesitate to let us know through a comment!