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CAS Software and SC-Networks cooperate: CRM meets Marketing Automation

How do companies inspire a steadily growing number of customers who value individual approach and support? CAS Software and Starnberg-based SC-Networks GmbH have set themselves the goal for CeBIT 2018 to establish a new standard of customer-centered communication for medium-sized companies.

Unique in Europe, the combination of CRM and marketing automation will support medium-sized companies in recognizing the actual needs and wishes of customers even better and being able to serve them in a targeted manner.

Until now, solutions for marketing automation were mostly only found in large companies. Due to the complexity and costs, the desire for this for small and medium-sized companies remained mostly unfulfilled. With the cooperation of two German market leaders, CAS Software AG and Starnberger SC-Networks GmbH, there is now a practical solution that combines CRM and marketing automation for medium-sized companies.

Marketing and sales - hand in hand
The combination of CRM and marketing automation enables the consistent design of customer communication through marketing and sales. The right timing is crucial for targeted lead development in the sales funnel: In this way, interested parties receive the information, offers or consulting services they need in all phases of their decision-making. New contacts are already pre-qualified in the pre-sales phase and specified more and more by means of tailor-made marketing measures. In this way, sales can concentrate even more on providing individual support and advice to potential customers.

A structured approach simplifies the customer dialogue
The combination of the marketing automation tool Evalanche and the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld puts the focus on the individual customer relationship even more. It structures the constantly increasing number of interactive communication channels and connects them with relevant content that is both personalized and consistent.

Faster to customer centricity
CRM, marketing automation and lead management continue to grow together. "Together with SC-Networks, we would like to optimally support medium-sized companies in inspiring customers emotionally and addressing them individually," says Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software AG, happily. “This opens up new paths to customer centricity, the corporate model that focuses on the customer. The deep technical integration makes our future-oriented solution portfolio for medium-sized companies all over Europe even more attractive. "

Develop more leads on opportunities
"Batch-and-blast was yesterday - today companies have to bring potential customers to market maturity in a structured and personalized manner in order to turn leads into more real sales opportunities," explains Martin Philipp, Managing Director of SC Networks GmbH, on the occasion of the cooperation. "We are very much looking forward to creating a user-friendly tool based on the cooperation with CAS Software from CRM and Marketing Automation that optimally supports medium-sized companies in turning contacts into prospective customers, prospective customers and enthusiastic fans from new customers."

Compliant with the new European General Data Protection Regulation
The technical foundation of the cooperation is a standardized interface through which the two systems, CAS genesisWorld and Evalanche, can be seamlessly linked. This creates a central platform through which companies record their contacts securely and in compliance with EU GDPR, develop them into a sales-relevant lead via several contact and communication levels, and then convert them into a customer. CAS customers can further expand the existing CRM solution CAS genesisWorld and add marketing automation. The additional module will be available from summer 2018.

About SC Networks GmbH and Evalanche
SC-Networks GmbH, based in Starnberg, is the manufacturer of Evalanche, one of the most modern web-based email marketing automation solutions on the European market. Evalanche was specially developed for agencies and marketing departments of larger companies and offers a variety of marketing automation functionalities for effective lead management. Evalanche is hosted exclusively in TÜV-certified German data centers and has been certified by TÜV Süd in the areas of functionality and data security since 2011. In 2015, SC-Networks was also certified by TÜV Hessen according to ISO / IEC 27001. More than 3,000 companies use Evalanche internationally. These include well-known companies and organizations such as Avery Zweckform, Deutsche Messe, Hansgrohe, KUKA Roboter, KYOCERA Document Solutions, ÖKO-TEST, swissMilk, SWR, UNIQA Insurance as well as several tourism regions, several hundred hotels and over 250 top agencies.

About CAS Software AG

CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 by Martin Hubschneider and Ludwig Neer. Today the company with over 400 co-creators and the mission “Passion for Customer Centricity” is the German CRM market leader for medium-sized companies and a pioneer for xRM, the universal relationship management of the next generation. The product portfolio includes CRM systems, xRM solutions and special industry solutions with which companies and organizations build successful and sustainable business relationships, make better use of company knowledge and increase the efficiency of their employees. Over 300,000 users work with CAS software products every day. The Karlsruhe CRM and xRM specialists are involved in numerous research projects on a national and international level. The company has received several awards and prizes for its innovative product range and its commitment to medium-sized businesses. In 2016, CAS Software was recognized nationwide as the best IT employer and is one of the top 100 innovation elite.


Caption: Martin Philipp, managing director of SC Networks GmbH, and Martin Hubschneider, chairman of the board of CAS Software AG, decide on the cooperation to support medium-sized companies with the combination of CRM and marketing automation.

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