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Until Dawn

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Until Dawn is a computer game developed by the British development studio Supermassive Games that belongs to the survival horror genre. It was released on August 26, 2015 by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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Until Dawn
Developer studio
Supermassive games
Senior DeveloperNik Bowen and Larry Fessenden
composerJason Graves
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
publicationAugust 26, 2015
platformPlayStation 4
Game engine
Action adventure, survival horror, interactive film
Game modeSingle player
DualShock 4
Sales mediumBlu-Ray CD
Age rating


Plot [edit | Edit source]

On February 2, 2014, ten friends Sam, Josh, his twin sisters Hannah and Beth, Mike, Jessica, Emily, Matt, Ashley and Chris meet in the Blackwood Pines mountain hut on Mount Washington for their annual winter excursion. During the stay, part of the group, Hannah, who is in love with Mike, plays a prank, whereupon she runs humiliated into the snowy forest. Both Beth, who runs after her, and Hannah did not come back and were not found by the police and are considered missing.

For the first anniversary of Hannah and Beth Washington's disappearance, your brother Josh invites the seven remaining friends back to the Blackwood Pines. Everyone is on their way there. During the course of the night the group splits up and the idyllic excursion begins to be ominous.

Mike and Jessica make their way to a guest hut to have sex there. But it doesn't get that far, you are being watched by a stranger and shortly before they both have sex, Jessica is kidnapped by the stranger. After Mike tried to save Jessica, he stumbled upon a mental hospital on Blackwood Mountain, where he could find clues that there was a mine disaster in Blackwood Mountain as early as 1952.

While Mike is crossing the mental hospital, Emily and Matt also leave the lodge to flirt outside, normalize their relationship and pick up a forgotten piece of luggage at the cable car station.

At the lodge, Sam takes a bath and can find clues about the twins and especially about Hannah beforehand. Chris, Ashley and Josh use a witch board to contact the twins in the afterlife. Shortly afterwards, the situation in the lodge comes to a head, because suddenly an unknown person, Josh, Ashley and Chris and later also Sam, is chasing them and sometimes catching them and kidnapping them.

Chris and Ashley, who both have a crush on each other but have not yet confessed their love for each other, have to watch Josh brutally die in a SAW-like setting. The two of them run into Emily and Matt, and Emily and Matt go for help while Chris and Ashley look for Sam in the basement of the lodge. Soon the two will find themselves again as guinea pigs in a SAW-like setting.

In the middle of the season, Mike, Sam, Chris and Ashley finally meet again in the basement of another unknown building complex on Blackwood Mountain and are able to confront the unknown.

Emily and Matt are meanwhile harassed by elk and later attacked by the stranger, attacked on a fire watch tower. Shortly after Emily was able to send a cry for help, the fire tower crashes into the mine. Matt and Emily survive the collapse, but are separated shortly afterwards.

While Mike and Chris tie up and guard the stranger, Emily looks for a way out through the mines and can collect clues about the miners, the mine disaster of 1952 and the twins. But Emily is not alone in the mines. Emily soon encounters the stranger in the mines. Thereupon Emily is followed from the stranger to the mine exit. At the lodge, Emily meets the others and tells them what happened to her.

Shortly afterwards, the stranger comes to the lodge and explains the group. Chris and the stranger set off to check on the stranger who is tied up because he has the keys to the cable car. But when you arrive at the shed, his shackles are cut and he was dragged into the mine by the stranger.

Then Mike makes his way back to the mental hospital to find a way to the hiding place of the unknown. Chris, Ashley and Sam later follow Mike through a tunnel, but discover that Mike has locked the doors behind him. The group finds another route through the mines. Sam separates from the group to climb a rock face and continue looking for Mike. The others go back to the lodge.

Mike is followed by several strangers in the mental hospital. In the end, he blows up a mental hospital building. After Sam has met Mike, they go back to the mine to look for the strangers. In doing so, they can find crucial information about a twin sister. When they open a door to the hiding place of the stranger, the two are discovered by the stranger. They come across the stranger in the hiding place and Sam climbs up a rock face to go back to the others in the lodge with the key of the cable car. Mike and the stranger search for a way back through the mines to the lodge, but are confronted shortly afterwards with the stranger.

In the end, part of the group reunites at the lodge, but is followed by several strangers. The game ends with the lodge burning, the morning sun rising and a police helicopter appearing to collect the survivors. In the credits all possible death scenes of the protagonists and interview scenes of the police with the survivors follow.

Game principle and technique Edit source]

The player alternately slips into the roles of the protagonists and explores the surroundings from a third-person perspective. Loud noises, music and the display of light and shadow and various effects and objects create a creepy atmosphere. The player is faced with numerous decisions, each of which has an impact on the course of the game. In addition to these decisions, quick-time events come into play, which, depending on whether you master them, also play a key role in the course of the game. If a pawn dies, this is final. From this point on, the player can only continue to play with the remaining pieces. However, it is possible, based on the choices made, to allow all eight characters to survive.

Every action of the character has an effect on the rest of the game, even if it is not obvious. Due to the different decision options, it is necessary to play through it several times in order to be able to experience all possible endings of the story. There should be more than a thousand scene variations. A complete run takes five to eight hours, depending on how much you go into the collectibles.

Production Notes [edit | Edit source]

The story of the game is based on the typical plot of films of the teen slasher genre such as Nightmare or Scream - Schrei! and pays homage to this sub-form of horror film. According to the American authors responsible for the story, Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, it is an interactive horror film that makes use of all genre clich├ęs.

Originally announced at the Gamescom trade fair in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Until Dawn should support the PlayStation Move motion control. The use of this special control option was discarded in the course of further development and replaced by handling using the DualShock controller.

In addition, a version for the PlayStation 3 was dispensed with and the game was only released for the PlayStation 4. This was justified with the better technical possibilities of the new console. In order to bring the game closer to the medium of film, well-known actors such as Hayden Panettiere in the role of Sam, Ella Lentini as Hannah and Beth, Rami Malek as Joshua, Meaghan Jette Martin as Jessica, Brett Dalton as Michael were used for the motion capture , Nichole Bloom as Emily, Jordan Fisher as Matt, Galadriel Stineman as Ashley, Noah Fleiss as Chris and Peter Stormare as Dr. A.J. Hill committed.