Does mercury affect the ascendant

Fought with your best friend last night? Missed the bus and arrived late for the meeting? Sent an important email to the wrong person? And now your cell phone has slipped out of your hand and the display looks like a spider web made of thousands of threads? You are not alone! Something very exciting is happening in space at the moment. Something that even affects our lives here on Earth: Mercury is moving backwards! In astrology this phenomenon occurs retrograde Mercury or Mercury retrograde called. How does this backward run come about You will now find out what this means for us humans and how you can best survive this phase.

Mercury Retrograde - what does that mean exactly?

Like all other planets, Mercury rotates around the sun. Viewed from our earth, Mercury moves from west to east. However, it changes three to four times a year seemingly its direction and then looks as if he were walking backwards - from east to west. But he doesn't at all! The whole thing is just an optical illusion. In reality, Mercury is moving slower than Earth during this time.

You can easily compare this to the feeling when you sit in a moving train that passes a stationary train. Often it briefly appears as if the train is stationary and not the other way around.

How can retrograde Mercury affect our lives?

Mercury is the planet of communication, knowledge and time coordination. If it moves backwards, minor and major difficulties can arise. It is not uncommon for it to increase during this time Communication problems, disputes with partners or friends, delays and technical failures. Basically, the apparent backward movement is stalling your life a little. Then nothing seems to work anymore, every day stones are put in your way and you somehow offend everywhere. Not a nice feeling!

This is how you survive Mercury Retrograde

To make your life a little easier while Mercury is in reverse, you can avoid the following things and postpone them to a later date:

  • Move
  • finish contracts
  • Negotiate salary
  • Relationship talks
  • Start new projects
  • Make big investments
  • Buy electronic devices
  • Start a new job
  • Start a new relationship or get married

You should also avoid making things work that don't work. This also includes interpersonal relationships. Resolving nuisances will likely only make matters worse and cause unnecessary chaos. It is better to take some time and be patient. If you trust the way things are going, you will be amazed how everything will clear itself up in the end.

Don't be afraid of Mercury Retrograde! But on the contrary! Use this special phase in the year to take a look inside yourself. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the past, present and all of the challenges that come with it. Plans, projects and relationships with fellow human beings can also be easily analyzed, reconsidered and revised during a retrograde Mercury. Just get to the bottom of your life! Create order, reorganize yourself and use Mercury Retrograde as an exit from your usual structures. You can do that!

Sensitive people react strongly to Mercury retrograde

Very sensitive people in particular often react relatively strongly to the retrograde moon. Of course: if you feel a lot and can empathize with other people, you will react particularly emotionally during this special time. It may not be easy for those who are highly sensitive. You can read more about it here!