Are perfume bottles airtight

Capillary action causes perfume to evaporate

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Capillary action causes perfume to evaporate. It is known that the perfume, if it is supposed to last longer, is sometimes demanding in terms of storage. Some factors harm the fragrance. It is already relatively well known that temperature, light and thus also the effects of the sun and temperature fluctuations add to the fragrances. But another factor affects the noble fragrance essences, namely the capillary effect. This is responsible when perfumes evaporate. You know this effect when a bottle gradually loses its content, even though you don't spray it. The scent has simply evaporated.

What is the capillary action?

Everyone knows the effect of capillary action, for example when you put a straw into a drinking vessel. The liquid in the straw stands above that in the drinking vessel. The situation is similar with perfumes that are equipped with a vaporiser. Although such perfume bottles are designed for longer storage, are closed almost airtight and the fragrance hardly evaporates, it loses liquid.

The vaporizer picks up the fragrance essence from the lower area of ​​the bottle with a long and very narrow tube and transports it upwards when the vaporizer is pressed. But even if you don't press the spray button to perfume yourself, perfumes will evaporate through this narrow tube in the bottle upwards and thus also outwards. The reason for this is the capillary effect. It describes the behavior of liquids in narrow tubes and cavities.

The surface tension of liquids is responsible for the fact that the liquid moves upwards as if by magic and against gravity. The following rule applies: the narrower the tube, the stronger the capillary effect. The amount of perfume that is lost through the capillary action during storage is relatively considerable and it is not uncommon for more of the noble food to evaporate than you have sprayed from it yourself. Especially when there are special fragrances that you don't use every day.

Store perfume upside down

Simply prevent capillary action

While you can hardly prevent the fragrance from evaporating with a leaky perfume bottle (except for decanting), you can very easily prevent the volatilization through the capillary action. There are two tricks to do this. When spraying the perfume, turn the bottle upside down. This prevents the vaporizer tube from sucking in more liquid. Only when the tube is empty do you spray once or twice in the normal position.

When storing, turn the bottle upside down as well. Because the capillary effect only occurs when the tube protrudes into the fragrance liquid from above. If you are concerned that it would no longer look good if all the perfume bottles are upside down, you can rest assured, because in principle every fragrance should be kept in the dark and in a cool place as possible. The best way to do this is usually to use the original box (except for those with a viewing window) and an unheated room that does not show any great temperature fluctuations.

If you are already storing the fragrance in the cardboard box, you can usually store the bottle upside down in it. Even if the inlay is shaped in a special way, this is usually possible by also turning the inlay upside down. Those who take these tips to heart for the storage of perfume will still be able to enjoy their exclusive fragrance essences even after a long time.

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