How can someone work for PepsiCo

PepsiCo Germany

An international company on a growth course with exciting development opportunities for employees

Executive / ManagementAt the time of the assessment, was working in the area of ​​personnel / training and further education at PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH in Neu-Isenburg.

I think it's good about the employer

Almost everything, actually :-). In particular, the incredible number of career opportunities.

I think it's bad about the employer

Sometimes we take on a lot. A slightly reduced agenda and more focus would do everyone good, I think. But the management is already on it ...

Suggestions for improvement

A trainee program would be an opportunity to become even better known among young professionals and would increase diversity.

Working atmosphere

Especially in my team there is a great team spirit and a lot of trust both in the boss and among colleagues - despite the ambitious growth goals and the extensive agenda behind them, we always have fun in the office (even virtually). Outside of my team, I also work with employees from all functions and find this not only very inspiring, but also learn a lot about the business, which makes my job even more interesting.


The company communicates in a very transparent and employee-oriented manner both globally and locally. You always feel perfectly picked up, no matter how complex the topic is. It is nice that the focus is not only on the business but also on the well-being of the employees.

Cohesion of colleagues

I feel really good in my team. I have seldom seen so much helpfulness among colleagues in a company. Not only do we like to spend time at work, we also enjoy lunch breaks or an after-work drink. I have the feeling that we focus on the strengths of the others and we support each other so that the team result is as good as possible in the end.

Work-life balance

Given that the business is so fast-paced (if you choose FMCG, you know what you're getting into), the WLB is pretty good. You have enough flexibility within the framework of legal provisions and internal policies. But you should definitely like dynamics. PepsiCo is not a government agency (and that's what I love because it never gets boring).

Managerial behavior

My boss is definitely a role model and someone I can learn something from. I have the feeling that I find support for my daily challenges but also for further career planning.

Interesting tasks

My job is very diverse and I can't complain that I've ever been bored for a minute. Often I was entrusted with tasks that you actually only do at a much higher level, which I found a great vote of confidence and which was an exciting sneak preview.

equal rights

We have diversity & inclusion programs that even encourage women in particular.

working conditions

I like our chic open space office where everything is new. A lot has been invested here in recent years and you can see and feel that.

Salary / social benefits

Those who do well can expect a raise every year. The social benefits are also very good.


I would say that PepsiCo has a lot more to offer than many are known or aware of. The image is therefore not as good as it could be.

Career / further education

Anyone who is interested in developing, both internationally and locally, probably has more opportunities here than almost any other company. You have to network well and talk to superiors and HR about your plans and wishes.

Dealing with older colleagues

Environmental / social awareness