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Sending a bound soul into the light (clearing)

Reading time: approx. 15min.

The following article aims to promote understanding of energy work *, sending a bound soul into the light. And inspire you.

Because: in challenging times, many souls leave us and not everyone knows how and where to ... and every soul should be able to go into the light - its true home and origin - if it wants to ...

Note: this article can + does not want to advise the reader what to do or not to do - everyone is responsible for himself and his actions. Basically for ALL complaints I recommend first of all (!) Consulting a doctor!
This article is MY personal experience report! There are many clearing methods. Just like people who completely deny the existence of disembodied souls (everyone may see this as he / she sees fit).

As to be read and felt everywhere, the frequency of the earth as well as IN us is constantly increasing. That means, among other things, that increasingly previously unprocessed topics come to light. We can no longer escape them. For this reason, more and more scandals are coming to the public - even they can no longer be concealed ...

It is a time when light comes into all realms ...

Between worlds = between worlds = why send a soul into the light ...?

For the Intermediate worldsIn this article I will call the level between the earthly and the luminous (= astral level), which means that the frequency increases here too, because it is part of the earthly body.

A person who could not let go in death due to strong feelings like fear, hate, conditional love, painful experiences, guilt, being unable to forgive yourself / others, materialism (my horse, my house, my car), often do not go into the light by themselves. These souls can rarely be simply sent into the light like that. You are not ready for it. You feel more secure in "darker" energy levels (since the described states correspond to lower frequencies). Due to the constantly flowing higher frequency ("brighter") energies, the intermediate world is increasingly set in turmoil ...

Souls who are unaware of their own death

Another reason for the existence of souls on this plane is that many people do not realize their physical death at all. Nowadays we rarely live entirely in the here and now. Most of the time we are already thinking about tomorrow and some are only on the move virtually ... How does that look ...? The dead souls live on as before and are always looking for contact with "their" people. The fact that they no longer have direct access to our world leaves them perplexed and desperate. It can look like you are still in the house, getting up every morning etc. and not understanding why the family cannot see and above all hear you ... You do not understand that this can only mean one thing ...

Relatives holding on

Conversely, there are relatives who, years later, still set the table for the deceased ... That, too, is a form of clinging on. Whereby it is nice to have a place for this person, where you can light a candle in his memory, for example. And of course everyone is allowed to grieve and pain - for as long as it takes. What is meant in the example is everyday life in which the deceased continues to exist as if he were still physically present.

I know the pain of relatives is infinite - I know this pain, this feeling of knowing that it is forever (at least on earth), this finality ... And yet: it binds the soul in the intermediate world and takes you away as a relative the chance to ever feel joy again ... Years ago, when I was still massaging, I saw grief on a new client's shoulder. She made everything difficult. When I spoke to the client about this, she burst into tears. She told about her son, who had died in an accident 3 years ago in his mid-twenties ... Since then she couldn't laugh anymore ... I offered her to get in touch. There were still unspoken things from both sides. Then I could send his soul into the light. The client was then able to laugh again for the first time in all these years. Her heart was free ...

Souls who don't know anything about "the other side"

Something similar can sometimes be found in people who live until they die never dealt with God, life or death to have. Where should these souls come from the tremendous light know that is waiting for them and of which so many clinically dead report? They all only feel this love & peace, which envelops them when they are already in the aura of people living full of light on earth (often they feel unconsciously drawn to these people). Then that's what the esoteric scene is "Occupation" is called - if a deceased soul only stays in the aura of a person full of light and lives with him through him or at least tries to do so.

It is important that most of these souls do not mean it "bad" or consciously want to harm, but simply confuse us with the "great light".

It is up to US to contact them and share our experiences and insights with them, just as we can learn from them.

Pent-up feelings & unsaid things prevent a soul from going into the light

Very often I experience that they wanted to say something to people that they couldn't manage during their lifetime, and often that pent-up feelings are made up of hurt, pain and suffering - all things that we ourselves know only too well, right? By working with these souls it is possible to accept these feelings in us or at least to understand ourselves better. Because now comes OUR part: these souls would not be with us if there wasn't something IN us that attracted them due to the law of resonance. WE OURSELVES are the trigger for the event and not the "poor victim".

I usually experience occupations as an opportunity for learning and exchange. And the contact always serves both sides,

where it is OUR choice, HOW we look at it. Many in the esoteric scene see an occupation as a kind of illness or blemish, but in the end it is also an energy IN US that wants to be accepted ...

Possible signs of "occupation"

How can you now recognize a soul in your own aura? One thing in advance: a point alone is not a "safe" indication - many symptoms are exactly the same for other energetic events and / or are at the same time symptoms of incipient or advanced diseases... So go to the doctor first (!) and if he doesn't find anything, keep looking! Your own intuition is also a good advisor, otherwise someone asks an outsider who is sensitive to energy.

Possible signs are: tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy, heaviness, joylessness, listlessness. Negative feelings such as anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, self-pity etc. are intensified - it is easier to get yourself out of the middle. Concentration, especially on the positive, as well as centering in the heart is difficult; Veil over the eyes; Feeling as if there is "something" with us; dark spots, often mobile, in the aura; Voices that judge, threaten, scare you, pull yourself down or talk badly about others; When the soul enters the aura: nausea, solar plexus becomes rock hard or contracts, throat chakra narrows, palpitations - but it can go unnoticed in the same way.

The above-mentioned points can only show an excerpt - in some cases it can be completely different in individual cases. The more powerful ("negative") the cast, the stronger its side effects!

Favorable situations opening up for occupations

Among other things: shock, shock; debilitating illnesses or living conditions; darker phases of life or phases where we stand next to us; direct, frequent or permanent contact with lower energies (through TV, media: violence / horror films / games; negative representations; news, sensation junkies; people who only think negatively, complain, but do not change anything; drug addicts; "energy vampires" = die Draw off energy with every contact and use one as a spiritual garbage can; places that attract such souls: psychiatric departments and clinics, old people's homes, cemeteries, hospitals, etc., but also geomantically stressed, i.e. disturbed places where one usually does not feel comfortable) .

I don't mean to say that you shouldn't go to these places or people anymore (They often need our support in particular) or that there are permanent "occupations" to be found there, but simply that one can act accordingly protect + center well should.

Protection options

I imagine my higher self as a golden shining sun, which completely envelops and fills me on all levels and from my feet powerful roots deep in the earth. A light protection coat with a diameter of about 2.5 m or more, prayers or other things are just as effective. Here everyone can find the most powerful method for them! - That is the best way to face everything that exists in the world because of polarity. It should be clear that nothing can and will harm us anyway (unless we allow it, expressly wish it or it serves our path).

What do you do now in the event of an "occupation"?

Pay attention to your very first impulse to do so. If he advises accepting outside help, please do so! In my experience, you can work much more focused remotely and have a better overview.

Over the years I have had the best experiences with this:

I come into direct spiritual contact with the soul (in a quiet, protected environment, of course) (it would not be there if it weren't for something to be recognized) and ask why it is there.

Most of the time she starts by herself to tell about her life or painful experiences,

E.g. that all people are unjust because some have treated them very, very badly. I then affectionately declare that I understand her, but the path she has chosen will always keep her dependent (namely on a strange human body). Your soul will never find rest or satisfaction in this way.

Like talking to a good friend to send the soul into the light

Sometimes I use my own experiences or simple examples to explain what I mean and convey one holistic view of the experience - really as if we were talking to a good friend. It has top priority to find good arguments lovingly and patientlyto show the pointlessness of what she is doing now (if the soul does not recognize this, why should she change something?).

Then I show her an alternative: I ask her if she doesn't - if she is completely honest - just want to be loved and accepted inside her - for who she is.

If she says yes, I will continue to ask if I can send her a ray of love from my heart.

Through this experience she begins to understand and remembers the longing deep in her heart ... I then tell her about the "great light", where there is much more of this love and loved ones (and maybe animals) already waiting for them. If she hesitates, I ask angels to accompany her and together I lead her very gently and carefully to the great light gate to send the soul into the light.

Dimensions gate as a transition into light

The basis of my work is the idea that a visualized Light gate represents the border between this and the other world. As the soul walks through, it enters the realm that is its true home. There she lingers for a while, looks at what has been from a higher point of view and sees whether she was able to realize what she had planned. It recognizes supposed "errors". In coordination with the Karmic Council, she later decides what to do in the next life. And what accompanying circumstances enable and secure the fulfillment of this task.

But first of all, when it just gets there, the soul rests on this level, e.g. from violent & painful experiences.

She is there on a level of knowing that is filled with such love - freer of conditions than she has ever experienced.

Only this love enables true recognition & letting go - free of any evaluation. At the end of the day, it's all just a form of experience. Valuing is only done by the human spirit in its earthly form.

Several years ago I was able to see the gigantic dimensional gate in the form of an upside-down "U" made of shining-gold-white light during a meeting over the distance and take a look "to the other side".

Gratitude of the soul

Sending a soul into the light is simply indescribable ... So much love & peace & healing ... At the moment when the soul passes through, there is a kind of anteroom or waiting room with benches on the wall on the other side. Even while the soul is seated there, you can see how it relaxes and becomes brighter and lighter ... A wonderful experience back then ...

There are a few steps in front of the gate, mostly lined with angels who are helpful in everything.

It is a deeply exhilarating experience to be able to be there when a soul walks into the light and often the soul gives in retrospect its thanks for the help.

I cannot understand the way in which some in the esoteric scene view an occupation as a contagious disease, because "wanting to have something gone" is not the way to get a soul to let go and that has nothing to do with healing for me .

Pay attention to your intuition

But I do not want to deny that there are quite violent casts with whom I would not enter into a conversation (on the other hand there is certainly no interest in them), but where purification and absolute clarity and clarity are required. However, according to the law of resonance, everyone only attracts what serves him in one way or another. Your own impulses are a good help here, what to do in individual cases. You shouldn't try with all your might to send a soul into the light ...

In any case, I think it is a truism that Reiki or similar practitioners are automatically protected ...

I have experienced the opposite dozens of times, as subjects like protection are rarely taught. Trust is good, but you should always allow yourself to question things for yourself, especially if your own impulse says something else ...!

If an occupation - for whatever reason - is currently "on" for us, nothing will prevent us from having this experience ...

How often should one do a clearing?

Basically whenever the impulse comes. Regularly scanning and cleaning your energy field is a good idea anyway - especially if you have been to places where many sick people are or you have been exposed to other risks that are listed above.

Sending the soul into the light = clearing in the group

There is the possibility to send a soul into the light within the scope of a meditation, for example, or many at the same time. Many souls like to take the opportunity. However, this is only possible with souls who are ready for it.

To do this, imagine (after mandatory protection) together with the group in the middle of the room, the light gate with the steps up and numerous supporting angels, WITHOUT going into direct contact (this only happens when individual souls still need encouragement). A clear intention and the picture is enough. Let your love flow in the room to give a foretaste of the great light and like to summon heavenly companions and / or the angels of transition. And then just let it happen and watch.

Create your own groups

Often the participants in such groups have similar experiences. The gate can't be big enough to make room for everyone... For this reason, the gate will remain open after the event until everyone who wanted it could go over.

The Lichtwelten emphasize that long before such dates, the participants are on the move as if with signs "This is where the light goes - please follow me" and Collect souls. They all want to go into the light of their own free will. The need is so great ...

If this work appeals to you, follow this wish and set up groups for this purpose. Or build it into his meditation groups! It is a real one grateful task in these times. And it is important for Mother Earth, who carries the pain, the heaviness and the despair of all these souls with her ...

© Grit Hermann
First published: October 31, 2000

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