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In the first part “Lucid dreaming as a bridge to a change of reality” I described the theoretical and technical structure for the possibility of being so firmly anchored within a lucid dream via passive lucidity that a permanent change from everyday reality to a dream world is possible. Now follows a practical example ...

When I was in bed, I dissociated for a few minutes to fill myself with sufficient mental energy (see psychoelectricity) to consciously switch to a lucid dream. Then I came to within a dream. It was the first dream that night.

From the beginning I was completely lucid, i.e. I knew that I was dreaming. But instead of running around in the dream and rearranging things as they pleased me personally, I decided to use passive lucidity. This means that I remained lucid and kept this fact to myself and tried to integrate myself into everyday life there, i.e. to behave as if I were a completely normal person in a completely normal world.

The dream was active on two dream levels at the same time and I first looked at the first level in order to grasp the reality there. Sometimes dream realities pop up that are a bit disorganized and easily confusing. They have their very own structure and are not necessarily suitable for anchoring one's perception there forever in order to leave everyday life. This is because one's own perception does not yet have the necessary patterns to perceive the dream in a completely pure and orderly manner. The second level, when I looked into it, turned out to be a completely logically structured alternative everyday life and was completely suitable for a permanent change. I then decided on this and entered it.

It was not my intention to switch permanently, as I still liked my current reality, but I wanted to see if there was a certain point at which I could clearly determine that a return was no longer possible. Of course, I didn't want to go beyond that point. The urge to research just awoke in me.

The first glance in the dream fell on a rose-colored dress with a back view. It was Shiva walking up a flight of stairs in front of me. I centered my awareness and practiced passive lucidity. I didn't want to tell Shiva in this reality either that I was lucid. Even so, my perception became clearer and clearer until I had a fairly stable focus. This is important so as not to unnecessarily shorten the dream experience.

We then entered Shiva's apartment. She lived in a shared apartment with two other women. One of the women greeted me warmly. We stood in the kitchen. Shiva was just about to get her bag so we could go.

It was one of those moments when I could have asked where I was going, but I held back and stayed silent. So I gave the impression that I knew exactly where we were going now - even if I had no clue. I also chose not to ask because Shiva would have wondered why I was asking. Perhaps what she was up to was one of her routines that I should be familiar with, if I have always lived in this reality. So I had to play my role - as if I always knew what was going on.

She put on other shoes and grabbed her bag. Then we left this apartment again.

Once outside we walked through some streets and I stayed in passive mode. My lucidity had to be maintained and I looked at everything around me, but without fixing anything. So my gaze slid over this reality, just as one would normally handle it in one's usual everyday life.

We ran up a flight of stairs again, but there were only a few steps. Once at the top, Shiva tore open a double door and we entered a pub. There was a large bar on the left, built like a square with a small entrance on the front left. I noticed it first because it was the eye catcher in the large room. Otherwise I saw many tables with chairs. Several people were already sitting at these tables there, drinking something or talking to one another.

"Okay, I'll get started then ..." said Shiva.

I still didn't know what it was about, but I nodded and replied:

“All right. Then get started!"

She said goodbye and then went behind the bar. That was the moment when I automatically understood part of the whole process, because Shiva was working in this pub behind the bar. She had just started her shift. Now the previous actions made sense too, in that I just played along and didn't ask anyone any questions.

I felt a bit like an alien in this alternate reality, who was familiar with such realities, but not with the detailed processes of the people with whom one was in contact. Anyway, I waved to her again and left the bar. I wanted to look around outside.

Darkness had fallen and I walked around town for a while. My first impression was that this had to be a pretty big city, probably with a few hundred thousand inhabitants. At some point I came to a park. A woman spoke to me there who was looking for her dog and whether I might be able to help her with it.

Now I was walking around the park with her looking for her pet. Then I came to a large meadow with a huge plane tree. The further I walked into the meadow, the darker it got. It even got so dark that I could barely see anything. It occurred to me that I should quickly go back into the light, because if it got too dark, my perception would remind me of my closed eyelids, which I would see in my bed. So I went back quickly so as not to wake up suddenly or to end the dream abruptly.

We were able to find the dog anyway and she thanked me warmly. It was a small, white, fluffy one with a shaggy fur. He licked her hand as she held him.

Then I went on and came to a place where someone had put up a large display, probably about 50 inches. A man was there, putting a chair in front of it.

"Would you like to test it too?" He asked me.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied and he offered me the seat on the chair.

I sat down and then looked at the screen. Then I recognized some singers on a stage who were singing a commercial song. I asked myself what was special about this display. But then I noticed that all of a sudden I could only see the singers' legs. What a strange camera setting, I still thought. Then the man gave me some kind of glasses that I could put on. With that I could move my head and thus influence the camera position on the screen. That was very amusing, because I could now influence the camera setting on the display as desired. I could look up to the heads, then back to the ground, to the side, or even look at the whole stage. That was probably a new invention that someone wanted to present here.

But I didn't want to play around with this technique for a long time, because I feared that I would lose my clarity if I concentrated too much on these details. So I thanked the man and got up again.

My way led me to the pedestrian zone in the city center. Many people met me there and I now concentrated on the soles of my feet. How stable could I move in this reality? However, I did not yet feel the direct contact between my shoes and the ground. I kept concentrating until I could feel some ground contact at some point. If I had continued at this point, my perception would have become more and more anchored in this reality.

I also controlled my breath. So far it has felt like I was just floating through this dream without ever having to breathe or complain about foot pain. But my breath was also there when I wanted to. So my perception within this dream reality became more and more stable and normal, i.e. like in my usual everyday life.

At a certain point in time, I noticed that my perception became increasingly solid. I then decided to leave this dream quickly so that the return would not be too difficult.

I woke up safe and sound in my bed. The dream had been so stable and long - I had certainly stayed in this dream world for several hours, so that I was now full of energy and completely rested. So this had resulted in exactly what I thought it would be.

I was asked if planning to leave everyday reality and settle permanently in a dream reality is an escape. It has to be mentioned that once the dream world has been entered, one finds oneself in an alternate reality which is then just as physical as the one from which one came. If you anchor your perception in this new dream reality, then this would become the new everyday world and the previous everyday world a dream. How do you think you got here in this familiar everyday world? So it's not an escape. Everyone has the natural right to change reality whenever they like. To say it was an escape would be the same as saying that you are escaping the apple because you would rather choose a banana. Decisions of all kinds are equivalent from a higher spiritual level. All existing realities or alternative realities are also equivalent. There is no obligation to stay within a reality. Then the higher self or any god or his son is not angry, if one decided to change reality, nor do there exist laws for it on any higher planes of existence. People have been given free will and can choose what they want to choose. If, on the other hand, he had no free will, there would be no need to worry about a possible “escape”, since then this “escape” would not succeed at all and everything would be predetermined accordingly.

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