When did musical theater begin?

The music theater - history and development

In Germany, a visit to the opera, a concert or a theater performance belongs to the cultural program and is a extremely popular leisure activity. The interesting combination of singing, theater and the musical accompaniment by the orchestra makes music theater a real experience. So it's no wonder that many dress extra chic when it comes to going to the theater.

The themes and genres of the theater are incredibly different. Whether it's dramatic-classic, how The Magic Flutewho have favourited the biography of a historical person like Mary Queen of Scots or just music theater as a comedy, like that Rock Horror Picture Show: Here everyone will find exactly the right theater to have a nice evening.

Meaning and origin

The musical theater is one of the four classic categories of theater. The others are spoken theater (drama), dance theater (ballet) and puppet theater. The music theater developed from the opera, whereby different mixed forms are available here. All forms by which a dramatic action is connected to music fall under musical theater.

In Germany, music theater includes opera, operetta, cabaret singspiel and musicals, among others. All forms of theater are emerged from spoken theater, which is a good 2,000 years older and served as the basis for today's mixed forms of theater.

From the Renaissance onwards, all forms of theater developed in which music and drama served as illustrations of each other.

From the 20th century onwards, experiments were increasingly carried out with other forms of theater in which music and drama remained rather unconnected. Actually at that time the singers, the orchestra and the actors in music theater belonged together.

The instruments

In a music theater you will generally encounter all the instruments that belong in a classical orchestra. In addition, of course, there are also the human voices of the singers and actors. From the 20th and 21st centuries, elements and instruments of jazz and pop music were added, such as keyboards, electric guitars, electric basses and synthesizers.

Current also keep coming back mixed media productions for use in which live and digital music are mixed.