Is the RuPay payment option safe

Discover Global Network

Providing more payment options can increase your sales.

Providing your customers with an all-round positive experience is of the utmost importance.
This includes showing potential customers the cards you've accepted before they decide to buy from you or stay overnight. Loyal cardholders like to collect bonus points and therefore prefer to use their preferred card - with you too. It is all the more important that you accept a wide range of cards. This is the only way to reach all customers.

Do stores accept Discover cards® Global Network, they are ideally positioned to offer foreign cardholders traveling to Germany a perfect service. With this step you secure yourself the chance to do business with millions of cardholders from all over the world. Important global card issuers such as Diners Club International are among them® , which are issued in more than 55 countries, as well as BC Card (South Korea), RuPay (India), Elo (Brazil) and Troy (Turkey) as alliance partners and of course the Discover card from the USA.

The Discover Global Network offers over 270 million cardholders2. These people benefit from loyalty programs and are accordingly interested in using their favorite card if possible.

These cardholders are actively encouraged to look out for acceptance marks when traveling abroad, also because many of them do not speak the local language. The respective acceptance marks can also be found on the back of the card as a small reminder. Incidentally, this applies to all cards in the Discover Global Network.

For example: Troy Global Card, Turkey

The fact is that an amazing 73% of all Discover cardholders look around for acceptance marks before paying2.

The number of visitors to Germany is expected to rise to 44.9 million by 20253 - You should make the best use of this opportunity. All major cards have appropriate labeling solutions so you can show potential customers that you are welcome.

To order free acceptance stickers, please contact InterCard sales or visit the Discover website.