Do you think Mike Shinoda is underestimated?

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I'm just listening to "One More Light", the theme song from the last album ... It's about loss and brought me through extremely difficult weeks at last. I never would have thought it possible.

As he himself sang: "There are things that we can have, but can't keep."

As Mike Shinoda tweeted a few minutes ago, there will probably be an official statement soon.

In case anyone didn't know, Chester's suicide occurred on the birthday of his recently deceased good friend, Chris Cornell. The band dedicated this emotional performance to him.

I have just read the first counter reports that everything is just a hoax, as it was a few years ago. I'm not surprised, but unfortunately I don't believe it this time.
I think if Mike Shinoda confirmed it on Twitter, it will be true. As much as I wish ...
I just read it too and I don't think that's a hoax. His bandmate wouldn't joke about something like that. I'm also very hit, I've always found Linkin Park awesome and hardly disliked a song by them. It's a shame to know that there won't be any more new songs from this great singer. Rest in peace.
Chester was a person I looked up to .. for 18 years I've known Linkin Park, he's been something of a legend to me. Ultimately it was up to him that I found my love for music.

His death was unexpected, not just for me, and the reports came in like a wrecking ball that hit us without warning.

If the band should break up now, I can fully understand it. No one will or can ever replace Chester, he was too deeply anchored in the band for that.

Have a good trip Chester. You will be missed and have a special place in our hearts.
I don't really know what to say either. I don't have to cry now, but every few minutes I think about how surreal it is. I admit, since Meteora I haven't really listened to it, but the albums in front of it still run up and down on long journeys. and even the single "heavy" I liked so much because the video was a real motivator for me. it's so sad to see how real it all supposedly was in the video.
Can't believe that you can't look into people enough again and again. in life i didn't expect that chester must have felt so under pressure. I am so very sorry and I am really sad that he saw no other way out. I hope wherever he may be that everything is better there.
Pretty macabre, an advertisement for the current album pops up on the homepage with the headline "One more light is out now".
I don't understand why such people let their lifestyle and the biz ruin them again and again.
Surely he made millions. I would have left and looked for a new goal in life.
that you advertise with dead stars is anyway a point of contention in itself.

But I bet if you had explained it to him like that, he would certainly not have ruined himself.
I mean, there are people who don't even break themselves for a thousandth of their wages through burnout. You should simply tell them to realign themselves. That will definitely change something.
And if you first tell them what you would do in their place, I mean .. who would still have problems if such a wise person told them the right solution? You can't do anything other than take the right steps right away.

It's really brave how you dare to say something like that without recognizable prior knowledge. Stars are only human and many outsiders forget how very limited humans are in their infinite variety.

But you do you
As far as I know, his problems did not arise from his work as a singer, but rather from early experiences as a child and the associated depression. Earlier songs were about these themes too, so at least I'd say it had less to do with his being famous.

Chester was sexually abused and bullied for years in his youth, after the divorce of his parents he took refuge in various intoxicants as a child, which also led to several drug and alcohol addictions in his adult life. As Outcider wrote, many of the songs are about Chester's experiences; it was a means for him to deal with what he had experienced. Perhaps you know the song "Breaking the Habit", which Chester didn't write himself, but the subject matter that came up there reminded him so much of himself that he once said that he couldn't perform the song at concerts without being there to burst into tears.
Otherwise I only remember this excerpt from an interview with Jared Padalecki, who is also a well-known actor; for years he has played Sam Winchester in the popular show "Supernatural" and is fighting depression himself:

Quote:"It kind of hit me like a sack of bricks. I mean, I was 25 years old. I had my own TV show. I had dogs that I loved and tons of friends and I was getting adoration from fans and I was happy with my work, but I couldn't figure out what it was; it doesn't always make sense is my point. "

Depression is insidious and should not be underestimated. From the outside it is seldom possible to understand how a person can go so far and kill himself. I mean, how should a third party understand it if not even the person concerned does it himself?

Especially since a very close friend of Chester's, Chris Cornell, also committed suicide by hanging two months ago. Yesterday would have been Cornell's birthday ... the conclusion now stands that Chester, trapped in his depression, wanted to be close to his friend again.

Anyway, what I want to say is that it wasn't the biz that ruined Chester. It was simply due to human cruelty and the disease, depression, that developed from it. Linkin Park was popular and was always in close contact with fans. I can't remember any escalations since I met the band. There was only one man who processed his past and his demons in his songs and was finally overtaken by both.
@Dandelo: You said that really wonderful, that's how I see it too. Depression is an insidious disease, not a state of mind or just a strong sadness. You can't always win against depression. The death of his friend must have given him an additional blow, I hope he has at least seen him again, wherever you may now be.

It's really hard right now to listen to "Leave out all the rest" without feeling sad.
Quote:that you advertise with dead stars is anyway a point of contention in itself.
The advertisement was there before, that's a macabre coincidence.

Do you know what depression is?
I know it. I know the feeling when you stare at walls for days. When you're in bed with a shot in the stomach and you're not even able to drink.
When life is a black hole to suffocate in.
I was even retired from the Bundeswehr because of this shit.
I know how it is when nobody takes you seriously, because nobody who has not already had a depression can even begin to understand how devastating such a wave is.
But I'm not ready to accept that depression is eating up my life.
So I just have a different perspective when someone kills himself who has the economic means to get his life in order.
Quote:So I just have a different perspective when someone kills himself who has the economic means to get his life in order.

As a person affected, one would expect more empathy ... The other way round, I even understand that you think that way. Everyone experiences their depression differently. If you can kick her ass, good on you. Still, I hope you get professional help. Or at least received it.
Economic means are not everything. We see that again and again in such cases. Anyone who thinks: "He has money, he must be able to cope with it", apparently has little understanding for a person, because he is always behind it. Maybe because you had to struggle with it yourself. Who knows. I don't want to read it too deeply either.

But maybe that's going too far in this thread. We have enough topics dealing with depression and suicide. I therefore suggest that you refrain from doing so in this thread.
Well then ... rest in peace, Chester. You always had a place in my 25 square meter heart. So that you now have peace and quiet where you are.
On your music.
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(21.07.2017) Dandelo wrote: [->]But maybe that's going too far in this thread. We have enough topics dealing with depression and suicide. I therefore suggest that you refrain from doing so in this thread.
The handball legend Bernhard Kempa died on July 20th, 2017 at the age of 96
(21.07.2017) Mr. Mahlzahn wrote: [->]The handball legend Bernhard Kempa died on July 20th, 2017 at the age of 96

One of the best, too bad. But 96 is a solid age too.
(07/20/2017) Dandelo wrote: [->]Just read it.

I am hit, deeply emotionally wounded ... His music - also with Dead by Sunrise - was extremely important to me, with my handling of anger and sadness and other things. Linkin Park was my favorite band and a role model for Chester as a person for a long time.

Seldom has the death of a singer affected me like this.

I feel the same...
When I read it on one day after his death, I was amazed.
Then the tears came, I just didn't want to believe it. That hit me really extremely hard, because the music has accompanied me in so damn many situations and also helped me enormously. I would never have expected that in my life, it came so suddenly, out of nowhere and I never thought it would blow me away . For me, Chester was a role model and idol ... his band philosophy "Do your own thing, no matter what others think or say" is also my own and has been for so long ... It had helped me and made me that person who I am now. I just have no words, as before.