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Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH and an invention that revolutionized metal construction

Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH in Wörthsee (Germany) received the Bavarian State Prize in March 2019. The company was honored for special technical achievements in the craft. The jury was convinced by the invention of the "automatic stud welding head LSK-1 with wear-free linear motor". Behind the bulky name is a technology that is revolutionizing metal construction.

Bayern Handwerk International spoke to the company's senior boss, Heinz Soyer.

BHI: Mr. Soyer, you have developed a process, SRM technology, in which relatively thick bolts can be welded onto thin sheet metal.

Soyer: Correct. This process replaces the ceramic ring that is supposed to hold the melted weld metal from the stud and base material together. This ceramic ring can only be used once and is knocked off after welding. This is how larger bolts were welded for 70 years. A magnetic field now replaces the ceramic ring, it holds the metal together radially.

The welding bead, which is otherwise disruptive, is kept to a minimum with this process. This is a huge step forward for users and technology, because the bolt thread can be used right down to the base material and a continuous screw connection is possible. Further advantages of this process are the energy saving of 70 percent, there is no weld spatter, and no costly and time-consuming preparatory work and rework. This process also offers the possibility of automation. By eliminating the ceramic rings as an aid, resources are also saved and the disposal costs of welding waste are significantly reduced.

BWI: One aspect is the arc. Would you explain to us what this is all about?

Soyer: The arc does not work mechanically, but thermally. It has a high temperature and melts the bolt and the opposite base material. The stud is then mechanically pressed into the weld pool. The whole thing happens in a few milliseconds. The heat is controlled in such a way that there is no harmful influence on the weld metal.

"Our slogan is: 'Connected forever in milliseconds.'"

BHI: I can see that this can save time.

Soyer: Exactly. It all happens very quickly and it is inextricably linked. That's another benefit. Our slogan is: "Connected forever in milliseconds."

BHI: I want to look back to the beginnings of your company. What was the background?

Soyer: 50 years ago I worked for a manufacturer of welding machines that had a license from America to introduce stud welding in Germany. And I always thought to myself: stud welding can be made easier.

BWI: Was that the birth of SRM technology?

Soyer: First, like everyone else, we welded conventionally with ceramic rings. Then we gradually improved and refined the process and looked for innovations. That ultimately led to success. With our welding machines, you can weld studs with a thickness of 1:10 to thin sheet metal. The metal does not burn through and has a very shallow penetration depth. The stud welding device controls the welding time and the arc in such a way that damage to the workpiece is avoided as well as possible.

BHI: And what about the LSK-1 stud welding head?

Soyer: This is a new development patented in the EU. The head thinks for itself, controls everything automatically, can be fully networked in the industrial production process and meets all the requirements for Industry 4.0 use.

BHI: You received the Bavarian Innovation Award for the LSK-1 stud welding head. It is one of many awards, including several innovation awards, federal awards, the Seifriz award and a number of trade fair awards.

Soyer: Correct. Sometimes people say: “He's again.” When we're at a trade fair and have registered for a price, we often get one too. Incidentally, we are represented at 40 foreign trade fairs on all continents each year. Of course, we are proud when, as a medium-sized craft business with 70 people, we can stand on the podium alongside a global corporation with billions in sales. This is an incentive for us to keep making further progress.

BHI: You mentioned a keyword: foreign trade fairs. For example, how do you see the chances at the mechanical engineering fair in Brno?

Soyer: We have been with it for years. A must, so to speak. It is an honor to go there with Bayern Handwerk International, a benefit if you can exhibit in this group. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria are well positioned there. We're looking forward to it.

BHI: Back to the prizes and awards: why you and not the others?

Soyer: Because we bring things that haven't existed before. And we can usually prove this with patent certificates. This makes it a little easier for the jurors, because they see: the novelty as such has already been tested. Everything is made here in Germany. And we are certified in all possible areas: in technology, in quality, in hazard protection, in sustainability, in battery mobility, in occupational health and safety. We meet the highest demands, try to do everything justice. Coughing is just allowed, but coughing is already too much. It's all a big effort, but it's worth it and there are few companies in the world that have it.

“Some competitors claim to be light years ahead. The length of a nose is enough for me. "

BHI: How do you react to the competition?

Soyer: If we are copied, it is of course unpleasant, but by the time the others are ready, we will have something new again. Some competitors claim to be light years ahead. A nose's length is enough for me. And it's not that easy at all. A great creative unrest is required. You question everything, every day: what can be done better? And how does the customer benefit from something? The innovations decide who is ahead. Wherever we reach our limits, we work with scientists. And our questions are always welcome there.

BHI: You don't have to worry about company succession.

Soyer: Thank God. We are a family business, a well-coordinated team, my wife, my son, my daughter and my son-in-law. And there is also a grandson who is interested in the family business, but first gaining experience outside of our company. So soon 3 generations will be operating under one roof. Our family company is a guarantee for stability, reliability and fairness.

BHI: Now tell us where we can find the bolts that were made with your process?

Soyer: Everywhere, in all technical devices in your household, such as B. in the coffee maker, steam cooker, iron and in facade and vehicle construction. Incidentally, the car is known as a “pin cushion on wheels”. Stud welding can be found anywhere that has to be fastened. Bolts are the invisible connection.

BWI: And your goal?

Soyer: To stay innovative, independent and self-determined.

BHI: We wish you every success with this.

The interview was conducted by Maria Weininger, Bayern Handwerk International.

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