Are kind of bars gluten free

100% gluten-free restaurants, cafes and bakeries in Europe

Isabella Gluten Free Patisserie

When I think of gluten-free and Germany, I inevitably think of Isabella Gluten Free Patisserie. The 100% gluten-free café is now available 4 times in Germany: 2x Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Aachen. Unfortunately, I haven't been there myself yet, but the pictures of the gluten-free delicacies are enough for me to keep thinking about when a short trip to Germany might end. A dream for every celibate!


Healthy, wholesome cuisine, without flavors, preservatives, lactose and gluten? You can find all of this in the 100% gluten-free bistro NOglla in Wiesbaden. NOglla stands for NO gluten and NO lactose. The opening times vary depending on the month and time of year. Be sure to find out more before your visit.

Jute bakery

The Jute Bakery is the gluten-free organic bakery in Berlin. The entire bakery is 100% gluten-free. The managing director himself has celiac disease and therefore opened the gluten-free bakery. Everything is handmade, homemade and gluten-free. The bakery is definitely worth a visit for every Zöli in Berlin.

Senzo gluten free

A bakery in Kiel that not only offers fresh baked goods, but also gluten-free pizza. There is also a small shop in the Senzo. Thanks Melanie for the tip!


A small shop and coffee house in Berlin. 100% gluten free. New since September 2019.

Pastry Schenkel

One of the most famous bakeries in Germany: The Schenkel confectionery in Aichach. Everything is 100% gluten free. A dream near Munich!

Lillehus Cafe

In Ettlingen there is the 100% gluten-free Lillehus Café. - Thanks Shirin for the tip!


With a celibate in the family, the Ruthis café and bistro in Düsseldorf is ideal. - Thanks Nadine for the tip!

Gasthaus zur Sägemühle

A 100% gluten-free and lactose-free restaurant in Franconian Switzerland in Hiltpoltstein. Vegan also seems to be possible.