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Look great for free! Six free alternatives to Facetune

You want to shine in photos - of course. Image editing apps are a popular means of cheating away unloved shine, for example on the face. They are now even available especially for the face. The most popular image editing app for the face is currently "Facetune". This is initially free of charge, but you have to pay extra for the really special functions such as “whitening teeth” or editing the background.

ZASTER names the six best free alternative apps.

Visage Lab

The professional digital beauty laboratory for the phone that is initially available free of charge. Removes pimples, wrinkles, shine and whitens teeth. In-app purchases are of course possible.

YouCam Perfect

The VIP cosmetic surgeon among the apps. Enlargement of the eyes, changing the skin tone, retouching bags under the eyes and of course the obligatory smoothing of the skin and much more are possible here. Fast, extensive, free of charge - great!


The Google app offers versatile photo editing for free. An app that not only perfects selfies, but also practically completely dispenses with in-app purchases and advertising.


This app turns not only your face, but the entire photo into a real work of art. A multitude of motifs and filters that use facial recognition based on artificial intelligence make it possible to transform your photos into real Pop Art works of art - and not just "rub away" wrinkles or pimples.

Rookie cam

Gives your photos a glow that literally shines away all others. With Rookie Cam you can not only compensate for small flaws, but also give yourself a very special glow through targeted lighting effects. The app is not as extensive as the previous ones, but in terms of lighting effects it puts all others in the shade.


Not necessarily the first choice for selfies - but the number one tool when it comes to all of photo editing. Extensive tools let your pictures shine as a completely optimized total work of art, for example if you want to change the background significantly - or have to ...

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