Should investors short-circuit the listing of Twitters

As of today, even the stock market is chirping | 140 reasons Twitter is a total high-flyer

Twitter has revolutionized the world and created a whole new way of communicating with short messages. Now the high-flyer has dared to go public. The next few days will show how investors embrace the company, which is not yet making a profit.

BILD explains why Twitter is the best social network of all time and how tweets move the world with only 140 characters - for 140 reasons, of course!

  1. Finally, to be brief! Thanks to Twitter, we have to limit ourselves to 140 characters.
  2. Know what's going on: A quick look at the smartphone and we know what our friends are doing.
  3. Stars up close! We also read what moves our favorite celebrities. It is now considered good form to have a Twitter profile.
  4. Chat with VIPs: And they even write back. Some more, some less.
  5. Hashtag: What sounds like drugs is the typical Twitter tagging of posts. When you click on words with the # sign, all posts with this hashtag are displayed.
  6. All just stolen: Twitter is so cool that even Facebook and Google+ have stolen features. Examples: hashtags, following users, creating lists ...
  7. Politics to understand: Schwafel politicians are also only allowed to use 140 characters. When will the first 140-character speech in the Bundestag come?
  8. News in real time: Breaking news is now spreading faster on Twitter than on news sites - especially through eyewitnesses.
  9. Get to know great people: On Twitter, people also have their say who cannot spread clever thoughts anywhere else.
  10. #FollowFriday: Twitterers spread personal recommendations on Fridays under the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF.
  11. #cream: Digital mass demonstrations, such as the sexism debate #aufschrei in Germany, were not possible before Twitter.
  12. Political changes: The # Jan25 movement that led to the overthrow of Egyptian ruler Husni Mubarak also grew thanks to Twitter.
  13. Larry: The Twitter logo is Larry the bird. Is not he cute?
  14. #MusicMonday: On Mondays, twitterers recommend their favorite music.
  15. #Cause 1: You can tell how the ARD crime thriller was without seeing it.
  16. # Crime scene 2: Without Twitter, the "crime scene" is loooo boring anyway - have a say on the "2nd screen"
  17. Put one's oar in: And you can comment on the film without hissing a “Psssssst”.
  18. Save time on casting shows: Twitter tells you which appearances at DSDS & Co. are worth seeing - and which you can then look up in media libraries.
  19. Lots of skin 1: People like @justinbieber post their torso-free photos on Twitter or the Instagram link to the photo.
  20. Lots of skin 2: The ladies also show what they have, for example Coco Austin (@cocosworld) with their bottom.
  21. What's going on on the net? Find great posts on sites you would never have surfed otherwise.
  22. Lead discussions: It's very easy, even with celebrities, bosses and political figures.
  23. Clear announcements! If the arguments are exchanged in a maximum of 140 characters, it will not be so strenuous.
  24. Find topics: In general - you can follow a lot of different topics and discussions on Twitter. In the past you had to be registered in different forums.
  25. Never alone: When you experience something beautiful, you can immediately share it with others.
  26. Inspiration: What am I watching on TV, what should I cook today? The Twitter timeline provides ideas.
  27. #FollowerPower: If you don't know what to do next, just ask your followers. They usually know IMMEDIATELY advice.
  28. Anonymity: If you want, you can be totally undercover on Twitter. There is no obligation to use a real name.
  29. Privacy: The settings on Twitter are kept very simple. Location information, for example, can be deleted if desired.
  30. Followers instead of friends: If you are interested in someone, you can follow someone - without having to confirm a friend request, as is the case with Facebook.
  31. Become a pop star: Getting famous has never been easier. People like Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson were spotted through Twitter (and their tweeted Youtube videos).
  32. 0 Euro: Twitter is free!
  33. And it stays that way - the makers promised that.
  34. Get rid of little things! Updates that are annoying on Facebook and do not interest anyone can be posted on Twitter in an entertaining manner.
  35. Smart apps: Since Twitter was a mobile company from the start, the apps are also easy to use and well equipped.
  36. Twitter everywhere: Twitter can be easily connected to other social networks or integrated into your own homepage.
  37. Second screen: Watching TV is so much more fun when you read what others are posting about the program on your mobile phone or tablet.
  38. Laugh with Twitter: Funny posters, bizarre everyday situations, senseless signs - they spread the fastest on Twitter.
  39. Tweet instead of waiting: Anyone who complains about the train or parcel delivery service, for example, should do so on Twitter. The companies usually respond quickly and in a friendly manner to inquiries
  40. "Shitstorm": Nowhere is the criticism of the masses degenerating faster than on Twitter. As a bystander, it's fun to watch!
  41. Follow conversations: You can add your mustard anywhere, conversations are great to read.
  42. Hardly any censorship: Twitter is extremely reluctant to censor accounts or posts. Facebook is much more prudish ...
  43. Read blogs without surfing! Most blogs post their news on Twitter. So you don't miss any entries and don't have to call them up every day.
  44. Coolness: Everyone is on Facebook - who's on Twitter is cooler!
  45. Find friends: Yes, Twitter is a great place to meet new people - and make friends.
  46. Dating exchange: Sure, you can also fall in love with twitterers (even if the relationship is then semi-public).
  47. Win elections: Politicians who are on Twitter automatically appear closer to the people. That goes down well with people. One of the reasons why US President Barack Obama won two elections?
  48. Protect Tweets: In contrast to Facebook, Twitter is public. But if you want to protect your tweets, you can still do so. Then the followers have to ask for confirmation beforehand.
  49. Information worldwide: If something happens somewhere, you can quickly find information by searching for hashtags - ideally from people who are there.
  50. Follow journalists at work: Newspaper reporters understood that too. Many tweet when they are on duty somewhere.
  51. Get help: Dog disappeared, child missing - such things are great to spread on Twitter. And the community is very helpful.
  52. No boredom: If you're bored, just watch what other people write on Twitter while they're bored.
  53. Bridging long meetings: It is hardly noticeable when you scroll through your Twitter timeline in meetings. The main thing is not to fall asleep ...
  54. News breakfast: You can read the news in bed in the morning.
  55. Brain scan: Twitter gives you an insight into the thoughts of many interesting people.
  56. Legitimate stalking: Reading what others post on Twitter is officially allowed stalking!
  57. Duden-capable: "Twitter" is in the Duden!
  58. Switch off annoyances: Trolls are called permanent nervers on Twitter. You can simply block these.
  59. Train language: Those who tweet automatically train their language. Formulating in a nutshell has to be learned.
  60. Authorities twitter: Even official institutions are now on Twitter and spread what there is to know.
  61. Being visible: If you twitter on Twitter, you will be noticed. Colleagues who have never been spoken to before say in the elevator: "Hey, you're the one from Twitter."
  62. #Twerlin, #Twonn, # Twöln: In many cities there are now Twitterer meetings - offline of course, right in life.
  63. Promote your own projects: Anyone who makes an exhibition, a small magazine, or makes music or films themselves can attract interested parties on Twitter.
  64. Learn openness: If you are on Twitter, you will be confronted with many new views and get to know other perspectives.
  65. Create lists of twitterers: You can bundle your interests and collect targeted information, links and "experts" on the respective topic.
  66. Favorites as bookmarks: Simply mark interesting tweets as favorites with an asterisk. So you don't have to save links somewhere, but have an overview with one click.
  67. Great word creations: “Tweef” is created from tweet and beef - that stands for a dispute on Twitter.
  68. Find trends: One look at Twitter is enough to find out which TV show was crap and what “the net” is talking about.
  69. Twitter is "the network": When social media experts say what “the net” is talking about, they primarily mean Twitter.
  70. Twitter is globalization: You can come into contact with people in your own country or even around the world in a flash
  71. Sensible evening arrangements: Thanks to Twitter, you are no longer tied to the news times on TV and can instead do other useful things.
  72. Knigge quickie: The mob is taught behavior very quickly through Twitter. Those who have no decency are simply ignored!
  73. Source of gossip: Ever since Twitter has existed, we've been getting hot celebrity tweef, for example from Oli Pocher and Boris Becker.
  74. Flawed celebrities: Thanks to Twitter, we know that even celebrities like Bushido aren't the brightest candles on the cake.
  75. Dramas play out on Twitter: The famous photo shortly before the separation of Sylvie and Rafael van der Vaart made the rounds on Twitter.
  76. Story source: Thanks to Twitter, the media have even more material for explosive and light stories.
  77. To skip work: The Twitter blue is much nicer than the Facebook blue!
  78. Brevity is the soul of wit: SMS are up to 160 characters long, 140 are enough for a tweet!
  79. Limitless: Anyone can write to anyone.
  80. Holy bird:The Pope is tweeting!
  81. Wise bird:The Dalai Lama is tweeting!
  82. This bird:Hans Sarpei tweets!
  83. Bird free! Florian Silbereisen does NOT tweet!
  84. Wisdom: Without Twitter, we would miss Boris Becker's global political analysis.
  85. Moved twittering: Vine is the cool extension of Twitter. The app can be used to create and upload six-second videos.
  86. Hardly any advertising: The advertising on Twitter is subtle and tolerable.
  87. Twitter educates! Historical events such as the Second World War and the sinking of the Titanic were retrospectively retold in real time.
  88. Intelligent network: Compared to users of other networks, twitterers are considered more educated.
  89. Quickly ... check the news. There is not always time for long texts.
  90. Everything under control: On Twitter you are not linked to embarrassing party photos like on Facebook.
  91. My mother! She's not on Twitter ...
  92. In the past you needed a telephone connection. Today the Twitter name is more important than the phone number when making contacts.
  93. Small competition among friends and colleagues: Who has the most followers?
  94. Followers instead of Tamagotchi: Digital pets used to be a cult, today you have to look after and cherish your followers.
  95. Twitter your network! There is nowhere easier to socialize than on Twitter.
  96. Be a trendsetter: Anyone who still logs on to Twitter is a trendsetter. Soon everyone will be there ...
  97. Understand pirates: We finally know what the party actually wants. Almost everyone tweeted ...
  98. And Peer Steinbrück. He even tweets while he is sitting on TV at the cancer duel.
  99. Cow-free zone: It! Gives! No! Farmville! (This annoying game on Facebook)
  100. "Profile picture changed" - We are spared from such an annoying post on Twitter.
  101. The moment counts: Thanks to Twitter, we focus on the here and now.
  102. Fountain of youth: Twitter makes you younger!
  103. You there! Twitter is usually used.
  104. Da da da: Thanks to Twitter, you can read things that you wouldn't otherwise come across.
  105. 13 percent! This is how many German Internet users are logged on to Twitter.
  106. 170 minutes! This is how long a Twitter user spends on the platform on average.
  107. 232 million! So many people are active on Twitter around the world.
  108. 500 million! That's how many tweets are sent every day.
  109. Ready for a movie! There's guaranteed to be a Hollywood movie on Twitter soon.
  110. Foolproof! Creating and editing a profile is so easy everyone gets it.
  111. Own charts: Twitter has its own hit lists. Katy Perry recently replaced Justin Bieber in first place. Lady Gaga is enthroned on number three.
  112. Success story to dream: The founders of Twitter were simple programmers with a crazy idea. They get rich with the IPO. Encourage founders!
  113. Digital romance! Yes, Twitter can be romantic too. The engagement of Prince William and Kate was announced on Twitter.
  114. Locked out: Twitter will never change the character limit of 140.
  115. Cobbler, stick to your last! In general, Twitter does not have the same mania for change as Facebook & Co. One recognizes "his Twitter" again and again, even if there are of course soft developments.
  116. A Twitter share costs 26 dollars (approx. 20 euros). That's less than what you would spend on a normal parrot ...
  117. For US sports fans: Read the tweets in the morning about how they played "at night"
  118. Steeped in history: World history is being written on Twitter. An eyewitness reported how Osama bin Laden was killed
  119. Almighty! Astronauts tweet their stunning photos of Earth from space.
  120. Mars Twitterer: The Mars rovers "Spirit", "Opportunity" and "Curiosity" also send tweets.
  121. #Point landing: Nowhere does one get to the point faster. Sometimes a hashtag is enough.
  122. We like leaks: Some don't know how to use the service and tweet things that are actually secret ...
  123. I follow you! And you don't even have to be nearby.
  124. Persistent: Even the SMS generation reads tweets to the end.
  125. Right at the forefront:@BILD tweets
  126. Large following: and the editors too.
  127. Model democracy: Everyone can comment on any topic and is heard.
  128. "I tweeted", sounds a lot cooler than: "I have facebooked".
  129. The following is sung on Twitter: In the song "I Follow Rivers" by Lykke Li, the chorus sings: "I, I, follow ...". That can only mean Twitter, right?
  130. Funny internet trends: THAT is only available on Twitter. Creative jokes are collected under a specific hashtag. Example #EinletterDanebenTiere like “likes to make fun of others: the bully” or “bounces and jumps all day: the flumingo”.
  131. "To have a chirp" - You can do that on Twitter without any alcohol.
  132. Know what the boss is thinking. To do this, you should follow him on Twitter. Embarrassing if you don't know what he tweeted this morning.
  133. # 22UhrNonMention: Without Twitter, there would be no secret messages that only insiders understand. And certainly not a term for messages to people who are not even mentioned in it ("Non Mention")
  134. What do others think? There is a hashtag for almost every event that collects the reactions of the other visitors. Did everyone find the concert as good as I did?
  135. Get rid of anger: It's halfway satisfying to tweet the displeasure about train delays.
  136. #ThrowbackThursday: Twitterers post great memories from their youth / childhood on Thursdays.
  137. Wamadu - the German Twitter clone failed phenomenally. Only original is original!
  138. "Are you on Twitter?", is a new standard question on dates.
  139. Twitterers are a subculture - which is considered cool outside!
  140. It's over at 140! Just like this list.

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