Why is the Quran so important


The Koran is the holy book of Islam. It is comparable to the Bible in Christianity. This book contains, among other things, rules for Muslims, followers of Islam. These are rules for praying to God, but also about how to deal with other people. Important stories for Islam are also written in the Koran. God is called "Allah" in the Koran, but also has many other names and titles such as "the Merciful".

The oldest copies of the Koran are in Mecca, a city in what is now Saudi Arabia. Mohammed, the founder of Islam, lived there in the 8th century. Many Muslims believe that the Koran comes from God. God is said to have sent an angel who told Mohammed what to write down. That is why the Koran is so important that nothing can be changed about it.

In fact, nobody knows who wrote the Koran. Science suspects that Mohammed was long dead by then. Anyone who wrote the Koran was definitely familiar with Judaism and Christianity, because some stories of Islam can be found in the Bible in a similar way.

Only since the 19th century has the Koran really been printed often. Since then it has been one of the most printed books in the world. Muslims think that the Koran should be handled carefully. For example, old copies shouldn't just be thrown away.

How is the Koran structured?

The Koran consists of 114 parts, a kind of chapter. In the Koran they are called suras. The first sura briefly introduces the Koran. This is followed by the second sura, the longest. The other suras appear according to their length, the longest are further in front.

The individual verses are contained within a sura. With one exception, all suras begin with these words: “In the name of the merciful and gracious God”. A sura always has a heading that states what the sura is about.

The Koran is in Arabic. But nobody speaks this “standard Arabic” from the time the Koran was written. There are translations into many other languages, including German. For devout Muslims, however, only the Koran in ancient Arabic is the correct one. That is why a Muslim should be able to read the Koran in Arabic if possible.

Many verses in the Koran rhyme. It's easier to memorize it that way. Many Muslims find this important so that they can always adhere to the rules of the Koran. It is also said that the Koran is written in very beautiful Arabic, like a poem. That is why it is so difficult to translate the Koran well.