Are you for animal rights

Become an animal rights activist: How you too can get involved against animal suffering

Voluntary work

Animal welfare organizations are very grateful for the commitment of voluntary helpers, because without them the work would not be manageable. Those looking for close proximity to animals can help animal shelters in a variety of ways. Sick and old animals are always dependent on care there. As a volunteer supporter, you are responsible for the care and care of animals. There is the possibility of taking in needy animals at your home or of becoming an animal sponsor.

Help is also needed in other areas within an animal welfare organization: walking dogs, cleaning animal enclosures and cages or feeding animals are other ways of getting actively involved.

Outside of animal shelters there is also too much to do, e.g. in the context of public relations. At events on the subject of animal welfare, helping hands are needed for tasks such as setting up and looking after stands, participating in petitions and demonstrations, and educating people in the form of actively addressing passers-by.


You can also help by making a donation, be it in the form of material or money. Associations are dependent on financial support in order to survive as a non-profit organization at all. They are mostly financed through donations and donations from third parties, as they do not pursue any profit goals, but instead focus on the charitable purpose. The donations flow mainly into the care and care of animals in need, campaigns and projects as well as other activities.

Where can you donate? Here are some examples of animal welfare organizations that you can support with a donation:

Minimize animal suffering in everyday life

Each of us can contribute something to animal welfare with our way of life, especially in the area of ​​consumption, even if many people are not aware of it in everyday life. Consuming animal products or using soaps made from animal ingredients - as you can see, millions of animals are killed for it. So here a rethink on the part of the people is required. Not everyone has to be strictly vegan. But questioning your own buying behavior and gradually consuming less animal products is an important first step.

What many are also not aware of is that visiting zoos, animal shows etc. not only promotes the tourism industry, but also animal suffering - it is best not to pay admission for it, but rather enjoy the local biodiversity while strolling through nature.

Full-time collaboration

In addition to voluntary work and donations, there is also the opportunity to work full-time for animal welfare. The "animal rights activist" training does not exist in this form, but as a career changer you have different options. A wide range of professions are in demand in the field of animal welfare: not only veterinarians and equine managers are required, but also, for example, business economists, lawyers and many other qualifications.

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