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R_03 I Experience the roller blind in a new way. MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG Sindelfinger Strasse Leinfelden-Echterdingen



2 R_03 I Experience a new roller blind With R_03, MHZ ushers in a completely new era of roller blinds: a roller blind system that is characterized by its modularity and slim, clear design language. Developed and manufactured independently, R_03 corresponds to the manufacturing concept of the family company. Diverse functions and color variations, simple operating options and the highest level of security complement the new development R_03. MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG Sindelfinger Strasse Leinfelden-Echterdingen

3 Astronomical cover picture: South collar decoration window Sorrento. Available from the Südbund dealers (you can find addresses in the middle of the booklet). Have you already read your horoscope today? Gemini can expect a varied day, Taurus will face resistance, and Sagittarius should ideally stay in bed right away. Do you believe in that? Most of them are more likely to say no when asked so directly. And yet take a look every now and then when you see or listen to horoscopes online or in the newspaper, when the current forecasts for the twelve zodiac signs are announced on the radio. Today there are not only daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, but also beauty and shopping horoscopes. Do you have to take this seriously? Not really, but it is fun to deal with the properties, or rather, presumed properties of the zodiac signs. And that can of course also be applied to living, living and furnishing. Our look at living with the stars shows with a twinkle in the eye the preferences of Gemini, Cancer & Co. and offers tips for furnishing according to zodiac signs. Believe it or not. Your Birgit Jünger Editor-in-Chief 04 Leben wishes you lots of fun with the new WOHNEN & mehr. Furnishing according to zodiac signs 14 in focus Beautiful, chic fabrics 18 new and trendy Highlights for your home 24 wellness Do you prefer a shower or a bathtub? 30 gourmet trend gin and tonic 42 living and knowing wood is the favorite 48 psychology from the gut? 54 colorama A ride into the blue 60 welcome How does a good marinade work? 64 world living Uncomplicated Scandi style 70 living & style Small rooms, big impact 74 competition 500 euros for you! LIVING 3

4 living Furnishing according to the signs of the zodiac: Astro living How do Gemini & Co. like it at home? Wouldn't that be something for cancer? Portobello by Rasch Textil (left), Abbey Gardens by prestigeous textiles (middle) or even the upholstery fabric by Tisca (right) would probably be just the thing for the dreamy and clinging watermark that also appreciates white. Illustration: reichdernatur - Fotolia.com, not everyone believes in horoscopes, in astrology and the characteristics that are ascribed to certain zodiac signs and yet everyone has one. Do Pisces live differently from Aries? How do Aquarians furnish themselves? What colors does the Taurus prefer? Perhaps you will find yourself, your partner, your family and friends in our small overview? Let's start with Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th), an earth sign. Capricorns are seen as ambitious on the one hand, and characters who prefer to act in the background on the other. The Capricorn is characterized by conscientiousness, constancy and willpower, and he likes it in his four walls without a lot of frills. It can be elegant, but always functional. The Capricorn loves wood and can do a lot with brown and gray tones as well as more reserved colors. It doesn't have to be the country house style, but can also be implemented in an urban, puristic environment. Capricorns also like white and blue, and that suggests the clear Scandinavian style of living (see pages 64 to 67), which many ibexes can appreciate. He loves variety and something special, Aquarius (January 21st to February 19th), an air sign. The free spirit has no problem getting out of line in anything he does. As independent and unusual as they like to portray themselves, Aquarians are sure to set themselves up. Different than the others! that hits the point with him. A rather not so 4 LIVING

5 That might please the Virgo, for example: Celebrate the Moment by Ado.

6 The Capricorn is considered determined and conscientious. It can be noble for him, but not ornate; modern, but functional. Its colors: brown, blue and gray. It has to be extraordinary, colorful and bright when you ask Aquarius. He has no problem with violet, ice or turquoise blue and orange, also in combination. The fish is said to be empathetic and sensitive, he likes it harmonious. Bright is not his thing, he is more comfortable with blue, white and pastel tones. Unwavering confidence plus optimism: this is Aries. Cold colors do not come into his house; he likes it warm and likes to see red and orange. Wood is his thing: Anyone who loves nature as much as the bull does, will like to furnish himself rustic, with shades of green and with earthy colors that play very much into the brown. A rather difficult color in the world of interior design is yellow - the creative twin doesn't mind. He wants it light, sunny, open and is always looking for the new, the unknown. Cancer, who is considered sensitive and affectionate, will feel comfortable in white, but not entirely in white. Blue and dreamy pink are welcome as accents. Lush, metallic and representative that could suit the lion. He is also not averse to gold if it is properly staged, and likes ocher and white. Clear, clean, not over-the-top and spiced with subtle Scandinavian charm and earth tones that would be something entirely to the taste of the Jungfrau. Anyone who has Libra friends will have noticed an artistic touch, a confident demeanor and a sense of aesthetics. She likes blue, earth tones and sometimes pink. Do you know a Scorpio who doesn't like wearing black? Just. It's not much different at home. But you will also find red there, and very often metal and wood. The edgy Sagittarius is always on the lookout. He might like the trend color purple, but red also attracts him. The ethno-style goes well with his cosmopolitanism. Illustration: intereklam - Fotolia.com 6 LIVING

7 1 2 1 For the Wassermann individualist: digital prints from Leha's own ideas. 2 Dupli Color Effekt Vintage could please the bull who appreciates vintage looks. Everyday colors like orange or purple are just right for him, and he has no problem with bright neon tones or cool blue. If you find unusual objects, eye-catchers in signal colors, creative combinations of unusual details, steel and glass in an apartment, the chances are good that you will be the guest of an Aquarius. Pisces (February 20th to March 20th) belong to the water signs like crabs and scorpions. It is said to be dreamy and a certain sensitivity, the fish. Many fish are more averse to direct confrontation. They can often empathize with others, are generous, sociable, and have good intuition. They can even contain a rough-and-tumble scorpion with gentle certainty. Blue, white and pastel colors, all the details correctly dosed and coordinated, bright and cozy, that's how the fish likes it. Maritime colors and accessories, as well as a lot of wood and nature, he feels at home in them like a fish in water. Aries (March 21 to April 20) is considered to be assertive and decisive. He removes resistance (and contradiction) from the way. A very intense character who is open to new ideas and methods, a doer and innovator who always finds something that can be improved. The impulsive is also noticeable in the four walls of Aries, which should be spacious, because he does not like tightness. This is where his preference for warm and strong colors, especially red and bright orange, comes into play. This can be complemented well with very light gray and white tones as well as lighter brown tones. A nature-loving bull (April 21 to May 20) can also find their way around the city very well and simply brings nature into their home. The connoisseur lives with all senses; An alert mind with a clear vision. Available from specialist dealers

8 Leben Smart Strand from Lano is available in many colors in white the fish would be very enthusiastic about it. lungs from the world, who likes to take responsibility and is a brilliant organizer. Taurus sounds a little like stubborn, which may be a coincidence, maybe not in any case, his love of nature is also noticeable in the color green and natural brown tones. His apartment has a certain rusticity, but is cozy and knows no trinkets. Wood is exactly his thing. He appreciates high quality. Antique or shabby can only be what works reliably on the side. Twins (May 21 to June 22) are said to have great creative and communicative gifts. You are positive, enthusiastic, enjoy being around people and are always looking for something new, exciting and exciting. The downside: They are said to be reluctant to stick to one thing. Who can blame them when there is so much to discover everywhere? In any case, it never gets boring with a Gemini. When it comes to furnishing and living, yellow is a difficult color for the twin to enjoy, and he also likes green, pink and purple. He can also be enthusiastic about eye-catching patterns for a while, at least. What stands, hangs and lies in the twin's apartment is carefully selected. And what at some point no longer fits, flies out again without a hint of sentimentality in order to be quickly replaced by something completely different. The typical Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd) thinks with their stomach. His feelings guide him more than his head, he is caring, affectionate, but sometimes unstable. One ascribes the color white to cancer, but one shouldn't imagine one's apartment monotonously whitewashed. Rather light and airy, warm and inviting. He likes to join white with blue; Pastel pink tones match the dreamy character. Cold modernism, pragmatism, functionalism are unlikely to be found with him. A country house style that is not too cluttered would be more than acceptable to the Cancer, preferably with many islands where he and his guests can settle. To think about, to dream away the day, to dig in. The extroverted Leo (23 July to 23 August) is completely different. He doesn't have to worry too often about self-doubt. The fire sign likes to be in the center of the action and set the pace. And it takes 8 LIVING

9 EXPONA collections new DOMESTIC decors new mater Your plus for beautiful floors Zeitgeist bed linen by Ibena in white and blue: This could please the ibex, who is considered to be particularly determined. Warm colors like here the maxi pleated blind from erfal are entirely to the taste of the Aries, the great optimist.

10 live The color red is always welcome at home with Aries, here in the form of the wallpaper Chelsea from Texdecor / Casadeco. That could be something for the scorpion who likes dark tones in their four walls: Factory III wallpaper collection by Rasch. Attention. Economical decor and self-restraint are not words that one would associate with the lion. More courage, zest for action and opulence, which can sometimes frighten more sensitive natures. The Leo is full of irrepressible energy and likes to let it rip, even at home. Filigree flourishes? Restrained pastel? Playful details? Does not come in the bag, he likes it loud and powerful, also in gold, although it does not sparkle in every nook and cranny, but only in selected places. He likes eye-catching decors, metal and stone. Its colors, in addition to gold and white, are ocher and orange-red. Libra are creative and sociable and like to see green and blue Missoni wallpapers from smita in their four walls. The Virgo (August 24th to September 23rd) is sometimes described as a little meticulous and guided by the mind. The eccentric, opulent is rather alien to the earth sign. She is down to earth and has a sharp mind. She is considered determined, hardworking and orderly, with a longing for structure, security and certainty. Because you convey order and security, 10 LIVING

11 Brown, blue and gray that looks a lot like Capricorn. Bath rugs Rhom and Star by Rhomtuft. it has its own system for furnishing that can, but does not have to result in a perfectly tidy apartment. She likes earth tones such as beige, ocher and a warm yellow, as well as pastel tones, but she also likes the Scandi style with its certain Nordic coolness and simplicity. A penchant for minimalism and pragmatism can often be found in the Virgo's apartment. It is less close to playful, experimental design than the tried and tested classics, preferably in the Scandinavian style. She can also gain something from the popular concrete looks, but she would rather avoid color blocking at home. Nobody can fool the stylish Libra (September 24th to October 23rd) when setting up: The aesthetes under the zodiac signs find their own style with dreamlike confidence or know how to surprisingly combine what is available. The Libra is sociable and extremely tolerant when it comes to furnishing. Puristic living without style breaks is not for them. For Libra, the apartment is a whole with many different nuances and lovingly arranged details. The Libra likes natural colors and materials, wood and wool, but also likes to set accents in pink, blue or green. Don't worry, the Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd) won't bite. He stings. The watermark stands for individualism and nonconformism. The Scorpio does not shy away from confrontation if he is forced to, but he can also be very caring,

12 living It is not always easy to incorporate the color yellow in your home unless you are a lively twin! This room design by the Südbund specialist proves the right feeling for a balanced staging. And so there are red chairs, yellow wallpaper and large-format patterned decorative fabric on the window. That is living in its most harmonious way. Being sociable and generous. Scorpios want discipline, are often demanding and demand a lot from others, but they also always give everything themselves. They don't do things by halves. Their colors are black and red; they are enthusiastic about art and prefer quality. They only have a limited amount of glamor, but they are fascinated by metal of all kinds, as well as leather and wood. Violet and red, these are the colors that the freedom-loving Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) will love. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is full of energy and open to change. He is an optimist and an explorer. Like Libra, Sagittarius instinctively knows what to like and how to combine it. Modern living inspires him, he likes to ignore the past and what he sees as traditional. Sagittarius likes to travel, is cosmopolitan and open to other styles and cultures and you can see their influences, materials and techniques in your home. Do you find yourself here again? Or is it all nonsense? Just put it to the test with friends. Maybe you will experience one or two surprises ... RAD 12 LIVING

13 WE PRESENT FABRICS lee 2 aluminum inner barrel Ø 22mm

14 in focus Denver, the endurance runner from the microfibre velor family, has been increased to 97 colors with the XL. Höpke Textiles Top quality a piece of furniture is only as beautiful as its fabric The family company Höpke Textiles stands for the highest quality in the area of ​​upholstery fabrics. Although tradition is very important in Niederfüllbach, Höpke thinks forward-looking. And with 1.5 million meters of upholstery fabrics in stock, you are well positioned. 14 LIVING

15 he new collections from Höpke are really impressive, especially the Q2 Family collection. From elegant flat-weave plains to chenille fabrics to shimmering glossy looks, Höpke presents a wide variety of looks. Whether timeless and elegant, sporty and modern or cozy and cozy, the new Höpke collection combines a number of classics from the tried and tested Q2 branded fabrics and complements them with new designs. Also new and worth a second look: the Active Line with the new Soft collection and the Casino collection, which with 77 items offers a wide selection for modern compositions in the living room and contract area. LEFT: The Active Line from Höpke has now been expanded with the Soft Collection. There is a five-year service guarantee on the high-tech upholstery fabrics. BELOW: Whether timeless and elegant, sporty and modern or cozy, the new Höpke Q2 Family collection combines a number of classics from the tried and tested Q2 branded fabrics and supplements them with new designs. Denver, the endurance runner from the microfibre velor family, is gorgeous in color. 97 colors are available; The proven quality is equipped with a stain protection and shows with abrasion tours as a robust material for everyday use. The new partnership between Höpke Textiles and the Montbel company from Manzano in Udine is currently proving to be a good collaboration. The creative teams from Höpke Textiles and Montbel have developed design-oriented fabric and furniture compositions in their short period of collaboration. According to the company, the result caused a sensation at the world's leading trade fair Heimtextil. ABOVE: At Casino FR, coherent, fine surface patterns cooperate with large repeats and yet filigree structures. Eleven color combinations range in appearance from discreetly reserved to lively and even opulent.RIGHT: Höpke Textiles has developed impressive fabric furniture compositions with Montbel, its Italian partner for contract furniture. Your care line from the professional Order here: shop.loba.de ParquetPflege + and ElasticPflege + Cleans and cares for lacquered and oiled wooden floors as well as designer coverings thoroughly and gently with one wipe. Professional quality made in Germany for over years

16 in focus The pictures above and below show Elegance Milano. Charmelle Karat adorns the pink armchair, the pouf carries Elegance Velvety. Saum & Viebahn Fine things textile publisher with beautiful novelties The textile publisher Saum & Viebahn offers a wide range of fabrics in a wide variety of designs and qualities. These are divided into the design worlds Emotion, Vision, Elegance, Country and Prestige. 16 LIVING

17 Saum & Viebahn has great new panel curtains in its range. With decorative fabric Coco and Ausbrenner Jambo (l.u.) the collection name says it all: Urban Jungle. PORTOBELLO that the topic of coordinates is more important than ever today, is shown in particular by the FR collection Milano from the Elegance design world. According to the publisher, an artistic interplay of textile surfaces is presented here in the colors of exquisite gemstones. An ensemble of the finest velours with brilliant colors and a velvety feel can be found in the upholstery fabric collections Charmelle Karat and Velvety, both of which also come from the Elegance design world. Both of them are presented exclusively in plain colors and stand for a special textile experience. The motto of the collection in the Emotion design world is Urban Jungle. A colorful mix of materials and colors that wants to radiate pure joie de vivre and lightness. The current trend theme of the jungle is also picked up in an elegant way in the new panel curtain collection in Article Semi. In addition, there is a diverse spectrum of different designs for enormous scope for design.

18 new and trendy 2 1 NEWS 1 Easy to clean parquet, cork and design floors without the obligatory water bucket ?! This is no problem at all with the practical spray mop set from Lobahome. With the integrated spray function, the floor will be sparkling clean again in no time at all. 2 This is where acoustics meet design: No matter how you turn them, the LaWona acoustic panels from Laar Carpet Creation look good in any room. The design surface made of wool felt regulates the humidity, filters odors and ensures a comfortable climate. 3 The new Joka decorative fabrics and curtains are as diverse as nature: fresh like a sea breeze, colorful like a meadow of flowers or green like the jungle. In addition to burnouts, prints and Scherlis complete the collection. Here in the picture you can see the quality Bluebell. 4 Everyone is their own designer, says Orac, Belgian producer of designer skirting, corner and wall molding, profiles for indirect lighting and 3D wall elements. This goes well with the Free Your Personality campaign, which picks up on the trend towards individualization WOHNEN

19 5 7 5 With the new outdoor collection from Apelt, life outside is just as stylish as inside. The fabrics are optimally equipped for outdoor use: with hard-wearing yarns, with high lightfastness and material properties such as breathability and a pleasant feel. 6 With distinctive lines and graphic designs, crushed or refined with granulate: The signature wallpaper by the well-known designer Ulf Moritz lives up to its name because the marburg collection is as unique as your own signature can be. 7 Hardly anyone knows how to put curtains and decorative fabrics in the limelight better than the company interstil: Curtain rods, inner running systems and technology for panel curtains are available in elegant variants such as aluminum and everything is Made in Germany. Tretford has now launched 8 beautiful new variants for its Interart carpets. The proven material consists of 80 percent cashmere goat hair and 20 percent virgin wool. Therefore, they are comfortable, hard-wearing and easy to care for. l 6 8 Feel and discover our new collections: Carpets Door mats Natural fiber Otto Golze & Söhne GmbH Langes Feld Emmerthal Deutschland / Germany / Allemagne Tel. +49 (0) / Fax +49 (0) /

20 new and trendy 1 3 NEWS 1 Looks cool, but it isn't! Because what lies at your feet is warm carpeting. The Pure MO collection by Girloon fits perfectly into modern interiors and gives every loft a feel-good atmosphere because it significantly improves the room sound in large rooms. 2 What a tunnel vision! The 3D look of the spheres implies an optical depth and ensures a modern living environment. With the photo wallpaper Spherica from Komar you are guaranteed to attract all visitors. Because you shouldn't see everything in black and white! 3 The Expona Domestic design floor by objectflor offers Golden Geometric with shades of gray and effectively used triangles in a coordinated golden yellow. The textile surface structure also offers a haptic experience. The floor is also easy to care for. 4 s_onro from MHZ combines the advantages of blinds and roller shutters. It lets more light into the room and at the same time minimizes the incidence of the sun's rays. The special design of the aluminum slats also enables WOHNEN to be operated independently of wind and weather

21 5 5 Do you know that too? One look at this picture is enough and you are ready for a vacation! But you can also relax wonderfully in the Belvedere Lounge furniture collection by Zebra for more beautiful outdoor living, enjoying and relaxing ... 6 Fresh Up 2 in 1 by Dr. Protection has two benefits for carpets and synthetic fiber upholstery. On the one hand, it neutralizes bad smells and, on the other hand, it loosens stains and dirt. 7 Duette honeycomb pleated blinds put a length of fabric on top of the conventional pleated blind. This means that the curtain is designed twice, creating a honeycomb structure that helps save energy. This version comes from Teba. Textile living spaces. 7 6 Tisca Tischhauser AG Sonnenbergstrasse 1, CH-9055 Bühler

22 new and on trend NEWS 1 The two premium brands möve and Swarovski have jointly developed a collection: Miss Möve is the name of the young, cheeky lifestyle program in pastel sorbet colors that aims to enchant with playful design elements made of sparkling Swarovski crystal. 2 Don't be afraid of bright colors! The Lano carpet Gentle Bliss SmartStrand has an integrated lifelong resistance to stains and dirt and can be easily cleaned with clear water or conventional household cleaners. 3 This high-quality melange velor with its soft feel is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms with high demands. Charme MO from Infloor is available in soft, contemporary colors that go well with both traditional and modern furnishings. 4 With the new trend card created by nature, sun protection manufacturer MHZ is adding four designs and current trend colors to its Duette honeycomb pleated blind collection. Particularly popular: The Sakura version in fashionable pink is not just something for brave girls. 22 LIVING

23 Be on trend with 5 fresh ideas with new fabric qualities. 6 5 The rainforest with its beautiful hummingbirds, exotic plants, flamingos and bamboo surfaces is a theme of the new Global Fusion collection from Essen wallpaper. So you can have a colorful start to the day at home ... 6 The Atacama upholstery fabric collection by Ado offers a mix and match in color and design. You can choose from a modern interpretation of leather looks and woven fabrics mixed with graphic elements. And all of this is completely easy to care for! THAT'S FLOORING Windmöller GmbH D Augustdorf LIVING 23

24 wellness Why people who shower are not warm showers, but rather those who prefer to bathe Relaxed in the bathtub or in the shower ?! Opinions are divided in the bathroom: while for some people lying in the tub is pure wellness, most showers find it tiring and a waste of time. 24 LIVING Privacy and sun protection are top priorities in the bathroom. From Germania.

25 VISIBILITY & SUN PROTECTION Experience more living comfort and functionality with privacy and sun protection products from erfal: high quality from Germany, modern and diverse in design, made to measure. A dream for friends of bathing! Modern bedroom-bathroom combination with floors in a trendy herringbone design. Expona Domestic from objectflor. There are many ways to leave everyday life behind and loosen up tension. The bathtub is one of the simplest: water in, stress out, and relaxation and calm set in in no time. Others prefer to shower and view bathing as an unnecessary time-waster. In fact, a muse part of lounging in the tub and just doing nothing for twenty minutes. Or a whole hour. Some can and love it. Others shudder at the very thought. But what is better for the skin and not least for the wallet? Short showers are definitely the most frugal consumers. Because showers use less water than a full bathtub. A full bath consumes around 120 to 150 liters, while a three-minute shower only uses around 40 liters of water. That saves money and protects the environment. And don't forget: In addition to the pure water costs, energy costs also play a role. A hot bath needs much more thermal energy than a warm shower. However, there are also showers who like to be sprinkled for longer: In this case, the water consumption is even higher than in the bathtub if in doubt. In principle, one cannot say that a shower is better or healthier for the body. But it is true that showering does not dry out the skin as much as it does when bathing. And you usually use less care products when showering than when taking a bath. Experience rooms in a new way

26 wellness And what do you like? Photo: Javier brosch - Fotolia.com V Short showerers are the most economical among consumers. You only use around 40 liters. A bathtub filling has an average consumption of 120 liters. V A bath should generally not last longer than 20 minutes. However, you should take at least 5 minutes to benefit from the relaxing and beneficial effects of bathing. And how often? One or two baths per week are recommended. Celebrate the moment is the name of the new fabric collection from Ado - and it couldn't be better suited to a relaxed bathroom. V When it comes to showering, the French are the front runners in Europe, according to the study, around 84 percent of the population shower at least once a day. With 66 percent, the Germans are also way ahead. In this country, by the way, people like to shower warm (80 percent) and in the morning (49 percent). V Do you fancy a homemade bath additive? Cleopatra's classic is super easy: you need 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 liter of whole milk and 3 tablespoons of honey. Simply add the milk, honey and olive oil to the running bath water at the end. Already finished! V It's best to shower in the morning! Alternating showers with cold and warm water get the circulation going. Whether for the bathroom or to the beach: The Summerbook blankets from Ibena should please shower and bathroom fans. 26 LIVING

27 The finest fabric culture Showering with all the comforts: this bathroom leaves nothing to be desired. Louvre curtains from Teba. 2 A wellness oasis like in the catalog. Alugard's yellow Duette pleated blinds alone put you in a good mood. This is also good for sensitive skin. Maybe anything, you can already hear bathing friends calling, but what are all these findings against the relaxation effect of a warm tub? Probably true. The warm water loosens the muscles and relieves tension in the back and neck area. A bath also ensures even, deep breathing and mental relaxation. That's why many people like to lie in the water, especially after a strenuous day. For some, bathing also helps to fall asleep before going to bed. Anyone who lies down in the tub in the evening becomes sleepy because the warmth causes the vessels to expand and the blood pressure drops. Bathing can also be beneficial to health: if you notice that a cold is looming, you should run a bath with essential oils such as thyme, pin needle oil, camphor or eucalyptus. The warm water vapor is good for the respiratory tract and the warm water can help relieve pain in the limbs that usually occur at the beginning of a flu-like infection. However, in this case you should look at the clock! If you have a cold, you should not bathe for longer than a maximum of twenty minutes so as not to put additional strain on your circulation. The culture of bathing is, by the way, a very old one, because the first known bathtub was built more than two and a half thousand years ago. It was probably invented in the small town of Sybaris in ancient Greece. It is said that the residents of the place had a particular penchant for luxury and wellbeing. The Sybaren TexTile Concepts from the ManufaKTur in o berkirch i conic a ward 2016 w inner

28 wellness This bathtub will convince even stubborn shower fans! The maxi pleated blinds from erfal also add elegance to this wellness landscape. were the first people to banish iron smiths and chickens to the surrounding areas so that they could have their peace in the city. And they put an end to washing in cold rivers or ponds and invented the wooden hot tub. From then on it was considered the perfect luxury to bathe in hot water and that has not changed much for the bathing fraction among the people to this day. None of this can impress the classic showerer any further. He finds showering not only gentler and more environmentally friendly, but also much more hygienic. After all, those who bathe are in their own wastewater. Those who shower, on the other hand, simply wash off bacteria, dirt and flakes of skin. In addition, there is the nice feeling of the water jet on the skin to feel really clean. And after the bath? One step in bed, how practical. The white fabric creations are from Silvera. Showering also perks you up: a shower gets your circulation going. And alternating showers are particularly healthy: those who shower with alternating warm and cold water, 28 LIVING

29 License of the BARBARA brand by Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. KG / All rights reserved The new wallpapers! NOW IN STORES More information at: Ay Caramba, carpet for the wall? Why not? The woven kilim pattern sets bright accents as wallpaper or pillow and is absolutely nothing for bores: No more beige with the new BARBARA Home Collection is now drawing in color! Dry run: If you love your tub, you will read in it from time to time. Bathrobe and towels from the Miss Möve collection. promotes blood circulation in the body and softens unsightly cellulite. And another advantage: it is usually faster than bathing. So there are good arguments for both sides. And so it is ultimately not a question of reason whether you prefer to bathe or shower, but a question of type. Shaken or stirred, like with James Bond. And if the term warm shower suggests that it is a particularly sensitive or sensitive human species, the opposite is more likely to be the case. Showers are more likely to be people of action, they are goal-oriented, go under the jet and you are ready for the day. And the bather ?! He enjoys. He celebrates. Takes time for himself. In my bathtub I am the captain, it says in a well-known older nursery rhyme. And that's how the bathers feel too. As the boss of yourself, with your head back and eyes closed, ready for new ideas. The fact remains: shower or bathtub, whichever you prefer, is simply a matter of type. BJ LIFESTYLE ON THE WINDOW Whether sun or insect protection with Teba, everything fits perfectly. Get advice from your specialist dealer: WOHNEN 29

30 gourmet gin is one of the most versatile mixed spirits, as shown here in a Julep variant (pour 6 cl malt genever, 1.5 cl sugar syrup and 8 mint leaves over coarse crushed ice, dust with powdered sugar) Photo: de Borgen The perfect GIN & TONIC from remedy to megatrend 30 LIVING

31 It was a long way from the remedy to mother's ruin to the international megatrend. But the gin has gone and has reinvented itself several times over the past few years. Liquor expert Alexander Thürer was there to answer our questions and gave us lots of interesting tips to guide us through the juniper jungle. When it comes to gin and tonic, one often hears about botanicals that give gin its character in the first place. Are these additives added during production or does the gin friend mix them into his glass himself? Every gin naturally brings this with them, the gin drinker usually has nothing to do with it. But there are exceptions, because there are now also special DIY kits that you can use to create your own gin at home. However, the way in which the aromas of the botanicals get into the gin can differ. This can happen, for example, by adding essences or botanicals in neutral alcohol, or by macerating (soaking) the herbs in alcohol with subsequent distillation or by steaming the botanicals with alcohol vapor, which then takes on their aroma. Cardamom or pink pepper can be used to refine gin. Lavender, liquorice, cinnamon and hibiscus flowers are also more common. Do these elements change the taste very much? Depending on how large the proportion of the respective ingredient in the botanical mix is, the more it will be aromatically noticeable in the end. A total of 250 different herbal substances for gin production are known. According to the spirits regulation, however, the dominant botanical in a gin must be the juniper.But especially with the modern, so-called New Western Style Gins, other aromas can be at least as important as they are or even put the juniper in the background entirely. So, in the end, everyone should find out for themselves whether they prefer it to be classically juniper-heavy or more modern. Where does gin come from and are gin and genever actually the same? Gin has its roots in Holland, as it comes from genever. Professor Francicus Sylvius is considered the forefather or inventor of genever. BEST CLEANING & CARE For designer floors, PVC and resilient floors A brand of

32 gourmet Photo: Kyrö Distillery Company Photo: Daniel Reiter Photo: Citatelle Gin / TLMALP Today, gin is produced all over the world, e.g. at the Kyrö Disitillery in Finland (left). Its styles are as diverse as its origins: international, regional, mature, juniper-heavy, flowery - the selection is huge (right below). Incidentally, this also applies to the way you enjoy it. So there is much more in a Gin & Tonic today than just ice and lemon (r.o.). de la Boe, who was looking for a remedy for stomach ailments around 1650 and produced a juniper distillate for it. But it didn't take him long to recognize its enjoyment factor. The brisk trade with England at this time brought genever to the island, where it was further developed into gin by the English. Incidentally, when it comes to genever, one often comes across the terms Oude and Jonge Genever. However, this has nothing to do with age or barrel maturation, but only refers to the recipe, which is sometimes older, sometimes younger. Genever is made from neutral alcohol and this is the main difference to gin, which is highly aromatic malt wines (Moutwijn), which are made after triple distillation of barley or rye malt. If less than 15 percent of this is mixed with neutral alcohol, it is called a young genever, if more than 15 percent is a sweeter, old genever. Another difference between gin and genever is the minimum alcohol content. For genever it is 35% by volume, a gin requires at least 37.5% by volume. By the way: like gin, genever is not a protected designation of origin. The best qualities still come from Holland or Belgium. Whiskey and wine have to mature for a long time, does that also apply to gin? Gin is classically and in the vast majority of cases an unripened or unstored distillate and is bottled shortly after the distillation. Maturation as with whiskey, cognac or rum is actually not necessary here, since the gin already receives all the desired aromas during production. Nevertheless, barrel maturation can also 32 LIVING

33 produce something exciting here. Recently, with the trend towards New Western Style gins, various barrel-aged varieties, so-called reserve gins, have come onto the market. There is no limit to the choice of barrels, be it the type of wood or the pre-allocation. Some attribute healing powers to gin. What is it? As I said, the origins of gin can be found in medicine, when they were looking for a remedy for stomach problems. Even today, the juniper berry is still used in this area. But today a gin is certainly more of a pleasure than a remedy. How do you explain the comeback of this spirit? What makes gin so appealing? At first glance, gin, which is usually drunk as gin & tonic, is a one-drink spirit. This means that you know a single type of consumption that can quickly become boring due to the lack of variation. However, the gin naturally brings with it an enormous range of aromas that is always surprising. Vodka, for example, cannot do that. This variety is further expanded by the ever increasing number of corresponding tonic. As a result, the Gin & Tonic drink has developed a kind of dynamic of its own and has replaced the embarrassment Pils often ordered first in bars. If you want to buy yourself more time to study the cocktail menu today, you order a G&T and often stick with it. How many types of gins are there at the moment? More than just fabric, a feel-good atmosphere is created by an appealing look and pleasant room air. Our fashionable fabrics with the air-purifying function drapilux air improve the room climate. Bad smells are permanently reduced, even after frequent washing of the textile! NEW COLOR FOR ELASTIC FLOORING WITHOUT REPLACEMENT WITH RZ TURBO PROTECT COLOR Counting them would be a never-ending task, because it feels like new ones are added every week. In Germany alone it should now be around 200. A bar in Kufstein that specializes in gins from all over the world, for example, has around 900 different varieties. Gin is available all over the world. The selection is not only huge when it comes to gin, the range of tonics is also growing. What should the beginner look out for? Before you venture into the really wild things, I would take it easy first. In other words: a nice London Dry Gin we love bottoms. LIVING 33