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Earning money as a freelancer: 5 exciting industries you need to know

Definition of freelancer and demarcation from freelancer

A freelancer is a freelancer who receives work from one or more employers. He's not part of a company, so he doesn't have an employee contract. Often the term is also associated with the freelancer, but a freelancer cannot be equated with a freelancer.

Because the term freelancer is not about the employment relationship, but about very specific professions. Freelance is the collective term for certain scientific and artistic professions, for example doctors, psychologists, lawyers or architects. Freelancers, on the other hand, often take on the tasks of a developer or in the marketing department. So if you want to earn money quickly as a freelancer, you should know this definition and demarcation.

Earning money as a freelancer - five exciting industries

The next step is to choose the industry. Because maybe you have already dealt with the topic, but have not yet found the right job as a freelancer? Then don't just look around in well-known industries. Also look for fields of activity that you haven't even thought of before. We introduce you to five such industries, with which you can earn more money as a freelancer.

1. Make money as a photographer

You will be most successful as a freelancer if you do exactly what you love. Do you like to go with your camera and take photos? Do you always have ideas for illustrated books in your head that won't let you go? Then try yourself as a photographer and present your customers first-class, unusual and exciting motifs. For high-quality pictures, you can find numerous websites on the Internet where you can log in and then post your photos. Images are always sought. If you offer interesting, unusual and rare motifs, you will also find the appropriate buyers. You can then earn money as a freelancer with your own photos.

The advantage of working is that your time is completely free. Of course, this does not apply if you offer orders for photo shoots. For example, if you are to photograph a wedding or other celebration, you are of course bound by times. But you can decide freely about these assignments. Another advantage is the pricing. But you should check beforehand what fees other photographers in your area are charging for such a job. Never offer yourself below value, because only through your creativity and competence do good pictures emerge and you should get paid for this work accordingly.

For example, these platforms are suitable for selling your images:

  • (where you can sell cell phone photos as well as professional photos)
  • (specialized in photos in the areas of hunting and nature)
  • (large photo agency with a wide variety of topics)

The registration is quick and uncomplicated, you only need a profile, then your photos can be uploaded and offered for sale. Incidentally, this does not only apply to professional images that you have taken with an expensive camera and then possibly edited afterwards. Many users are also looking for snapshots that were taken with their smartphone. They usually have the advantage that they appear much more natural than "arranged" photos. So you could earn money quickly as a freelancer, but you don't need any training or long preparations.

2. Make money as a writer

Writing is also a promising activity where you can earn money as a freelancer. Sit down and start writing! Your works can then be submitted as a book or e-book to a classic publisher, for example. Or at a so-called self-publisher, where you publish your book almost entirely yourself. You will only receive support when you want it. The publication of a book or e-book is also significantly cheaper with such a publisher than with the well-known publishing houses. In addition, you just have to register and don't wait to see whether your script is accepted at all.

These publishers are suitable, for example, to earn more money as a freelancer:


Another way to work as a freelancer is to write order texts for customers. For example advertising or product texts. Such jobs are mainly to be found in advertising or marketing agencies that outsource various activities and hire freelancers for this. However, you should only work as an author in your free time. So you have the security of a regular income. Only when your freelance business is off to a good start, i.e. you can definitely earn money quickly as a freelancer, is another job no longer necessary.

3. Make money with trades

Trading on the stock exchange is too risky for many because it is difficult or impossible to predict developments on the markets. But if you have a knack for dealing with stocks, funds, ETFs or bonds, then give yourself a try as a so-called trader. Because with the right preparation and small steps, it is also possible there to earn money as a freelancer.

Before you start, however, you should inform yourself about the global financial markets and the areas that are relevant to you. Only if you understand the function of the markets can you invest money successfully and increase it as a trader, and only then can you earn money as a freelancer. There are also special trading platforms for this, on which certain sums of money can be deposited and then bet on rising or falling prices. This type of trading is called "binary options". Over time you will get a good feel for it.

These trader platforms are, for example, suitable for getting started:


If you decide to work as a trader and earn more money there as a freelancer, you should first only invest money that you do not need. The risk of losing the money invested is of course higher, especially at the beginning. Therefore, it is better not to use money that you actually need for other things, such as rent, insurance or fixed costs. In this way, initial losses are not so serious and you do not get into financial distress.

4. Make money as a translator

There are people who are incredibly gifted with languages ​​and can learn a foreign language in a very short time. Are you one of those people who are fluent in English, French, or Spanish? Do you even speak seldom used languages ​​like Mandarin or Japanese? Then just start your own business as a translator in order to earn money as a freelancer in this industry. The ideal preparation for this is an internship in a translation agency or a state or municipal authority. As part of such an internship, you will then learn all the necessary skills.

You should have the following knowledge in order to be able to earn money as a translator:

  • exact knowledge of the target language: necessary when translating specialist texts, i.e. scientific or legal texts
  • very good feeling for language: for example when translating religious texts
  • very good knowledge of research work: is used to search for information that may be required but not contained in the original text,
  • corresponding specialist knowledge in special areas: for the translation of technical texts

Since you are not employed, the specially set prices for a translation naturally apply. In most cases, it is billed per page or as a share of the sales proceeds for published books.

Specialization as a translator

Another important aspect for your successful work as a freelancer in translation is specialization. Because the more you focus on a topic, the more extensive and valuable your knowledge on the topic. You will probably reach fewer potential customers in this way, but you can earn more money as a freelancer overall, as customers in a specialist area pay higher fees.

The following areas are suitable for specialization:

  • Copywriting for websites or blogs
  • Technical articles (e.g. for magazines or newspapers)
  • Legal texts (for lawyers or authorities)
  • Scientific texts
  • Books (e-books, novels or similar publications)

You can find corresponding translation jobs on online platforms for copywriters and authors as well as on social networks. On Facebook, for example, there are certain groups for clients and freelancers. Or you turn to institutions, authorities or companies. If your application is convincing and you have good sample texts, they will probably be happy to add you to their pool of translators. Then, in turn, the likelihood of new jobs increases and you can earn money quickly as a freelancer.

5. Make money as a graphic artist

Regardless of whether it is about the design of a website, a book cover or the cover of a lifestyle magazine: a graphic designer always has his hands in the game. Do you have a good eye for motifs and interesting designs? Do you already have an exciting idea for a possible image concept in mind as soon as you hear a product name? Are you technically gifted and are you familiar with the relevant graphics software? Then maybe you should take on jobs as a graphic artist, graphic or media designer and earn money in the industry as a freelancer.

The ideal prerequisite for working as a graphic designer and for earning more money as a freelancer is an apprenticeship, a degree or other professional experience. Because that's how you can find the lucrative jobs and have work samples as proof of quality. If you have mastered your craft, a single book cover, for example, can generate income of 400 to 800 euros. The fee for designing a magazine cover is between 900 and 4,000 euros.

These skills are necessary to earn money as a freelancer in the graphics industry:

  • Good handling of appropriate software: for example InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • High degree of empathy: recognize the exact customer requirements
  • Comprehensive, creative skills: for example for the production of final artwork
  • A good feel for new trends
  • The ability to develop new ideas

Earning money as a freelancer is particularly easy in the graphics sector if a good and appealing website presents your skills. That is why it is important to have a meaningful website. Cheap providers for this are, for example, WordPress, Wix or Jimdo.

Conclusion: Get inspiration on online portals for freelancers

If you want to earn money quickly as a freelancer, there are numerous options. Therefore, you should always be open to new industries in order to increase the chances of getting a job and to make the most of your strengths. For newcomers, there are also online platforms for freelancers. With the Fiverr platform, for example, orders from logo design to wedding photography are possible. In general, good preparation is important, because higher fees can be negotiated and the fixed processing time can be adhered to.