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There have been many who have been better than, for example, James Anderson, who will apparently be playing in the first Test, himself last season if Stephen Harmison declares himself healthy and how the wind cones in the nets.
There were many who did better last season, for example, than James Anderson, who looks certain to play in the first test even if Stephen Harmison declares himself fit and bowls like the wind in the nets.
If Stephen hanging, Gloucester will hang higher.
If Stephen is wrong, you killed two chosen ones.
This girl works harder than if Stephen Hawkins tries to put on a couple of cufflinks.
That girl is workin 'harder than Stephen Hawking tryin 'to put in a pair of cufflinks.
If Stephen Curry does a dunking, five seconds later you will see ten seconds of this dunking on all networks.
When Stephen Curry makes a dunk, five seconds later you see a ten-second clip of that dunk on every network.
If Stephen I don't like a dress, I take it off.
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