What are the best massively multiplayer games

15 of the best massively multiplayer games and price comparison

August 2020

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What are the top 15 massively multiplayer games 2020?


1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Make your way to victory in this colorful and wacky free-for-all party game. Fight your way through obstacles, push your opponents and defy the physics as you laugh your way through the arenas of 60 players to the winner. Customize your Case Guy, pit against each other in chaotic free-versus-all battles, and bounce through cooperative challenges, all in the name of fun.

2. Astellia


Follow Astellia's call to be the hero they need and stop the demonic invasions in this classic MMORPG. Play as an archer, warrior, scholar or villain and venture, alone or with friends, through dungeons and epic battlefields to write your story under the stars. Collect and summon Astel cards to your side, and use their unique abilities to turn the tables in battle. Enjoy endless endgame content with PvE, raids, guild wars and the Colosseum where you can test your skills in PvP action.


3. World of Warcraft


Follow Astellia's call to be the hero they need and stop the demonic invasions in this classic MMORPG. Play as an archer, warrior, scholar or villain and venture alone or with “Relive the legend” through dungeons and epic battlefields and return to where it all began with World of Warcraft Classic. Azeroth is faithfully recreated using original characters, skill trees, and combat mechanics as it was when World of Warcraft was born.


4. Deadside


Dive into a 225 square mile open world of forest and abandoned settlements, and survive in a hardcore multiplayer shooter where everyone and everything should be viewed as hostile. Deadside has realistic ballistics, more than a dozen weapons and equipment such as telescopic sights, sights and flashlights. To survive, players must trade, craft, loot, communicate, and build their base for storing equipment and protection.


5. Holdfast: Nations At War


Travel back to the Napoleonic era and dive into battle on multiple fronts with 150+ players per server in this first-person and third-person competitive multiplayer shooter. Take the king's shillings or fight for the emperor in glorious field battles where you can line up, hold the line, offer support by manning the rear cannons, or join the crew on the sea and clash in epic coastal battles . Hold on: Nations at war is your war!


6. ARK: Survival Evolved

PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch


Learn to survive on a mysterious island full of prehistoric creatures and other actors trying to do the same. Start naked, freezing, and starving on an unfamiliar island and learn how to hunt, harvest resources and handicrafts, raise and ride dinosaurs, grow crops, build shelter and research technology while avoiding the predators that roam the land. Join or start a tribe, or go it alone in a game that challenges you to drink, eat, and survive the weather in a dangerous and vibrant world.


7. Conan Exiles

PS4 / Xbox One


Jump into the wide open world of Conan the Barbarian and learn to survive the weather, extreme temperatures, animals and other players. You'll need to gather resources to craft tools, weapons, and shelter, with the ability to build anything from a small house to an entire city. Experience the brutal fight and swing bows, daggers, swords and axes in a combi fight.