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"Star Trek: Discovery": Producer explains great Spock secret

Mr. Spock has an adoptive sister ?! When this news about the connection between "Star Trek: Discovery" and "Enterprise" became known, it caused a lot of confusion among many fans. How this very special twist in the plot came about and how the whole thing fits into the original canon of the franchise has now been clarified.

Already at this year's Comic-Con, producer Alex Kurtzman and actress Sonequa Martin-Green ("The Walking Dead") explained how the relationship between their character Michael Burnham and the "Star Trek" primeval rock came about. Both fans owed a satisfactory explanation. Until now.

"Star Trek: Discovery": About creative short circuits and taciturn Vulcans

The idea of ​​making Michael Burnham Spock's adoptive sister came into play more or less as a surefire success. "It came out of the storytelling," quotes Digital Spy producer Alex Kurtzman. "The first Vulcan everyone thinks of when it comes to Vulcans is Spock. So as the story progressed it got interesting to see how Spock and Burnham could potentially live in the same home with his parents Amanda and Sarek, without ever mentioning his adoptive sister. "

A similar situation already existed in "Star Trek V: On the Edge of the Universe" when Spock's older brother Sybok was suddenly introduced. The Vulcan had never spoken of this either. Why? "Vulcans are pretty taciturn," explains Kurtzman. They don't run around talking about their emotional experiences unless they really have to. ”A fact that the creators of Star Trek: Discovery also came in handy when it came to adopting sister Michael Burnham.

Reveal the title of the first four episodes!

The exact reason for Spock's secrecy regarding the adoptive sister may even be revealed in the premiere of "Star Trek: Discovery". That could at least be interpreted into the title of the first episode. After all, it is "The Vulcan Hello", in German "The Vulcan Greeting".

The titles of the following three episodes were also announced by the creators via Twitter and allow more or less conclusions to be drawn about the plot. Episode two will be titled "Battle at the Binary Stars", episode three will be called "Context is for Kings" and episode four will be titled "Context is for Kings". "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry" announced.