What is a natural eyelash lift

Eyelash Lift - Experience, Benefits and FAQ

Eyelash lifting, also known as lash lifting, is a natural alternative to normal eyelash extensions. I've tested it and today I want to share my experience on the subject with you.

It's like the eyebrows - very few women are naturally blessed with long, thick eyelashes. For most, therefore, belong Eyelash curler and mascara to the Daily Basics. While many on Eyelash extensions swear, others are still looking for a more natural alternative without missing one breathtaking length and volume to have to do without.

Artificial eyelashes achieve a great effect, no question about it, but for many they are not necessarily suitable for everyday use or affordable in the long term. A Lifting for the natural eyelashes can be the solution here. I tried it and today I would like to share my lash lifting experience with you. But before that there is information and facts about the Beauty hype the hour.

Eyelash lifting: what is special about it?

At the Eyelash lifting become the eyelashes smoothed, raised and stretched - in short, through a 3-phase system permanently equipped with momentum. Thanks to a very specific technique, they appear thicker and more voluminous. In contrast to the eyelash wave, the lash lifting is much gentler and also more natural in the finish, as there is no kink.

Perfectly curved, longer and voluminous eyelashes are created in just 45 minutes.

The silicone pads used ensure a small one Curl right at the lash line, above the edge of the eyelid. With this method, the fine, short eyelashes are also integrated into the curve. Then the eyelashes are brought straight up. So they look fuller and nothing stands in the way of the perfect look alla Bambi. Incidentally, the strength of the curve is determined on site and adapted to the length of the eyelashes.

Procedure of the lash lifting

The treatment takes place in three steps. Lifts. Fix. To dye. At the beginning, the area around the eyes is freed from fats and residues and cleaned. The lower eyelashes are masked and the silicone pads are attached to the eyelid on both sides. Then that follows Fixing the eyelashes on the pads by means of water-soluble glue and that Applying the lifting lotion.

At the Lash lifting Similar to hair coloring, the structure is opened with sulfur oxide and thus made flexible, the eyelashes are fixed and then the structure is closed again. After an initial exposure time of approx. 10-20 minutes - this can vary depending on the product, as well as the length and thickness of the eyelashes - a Neutralizing agents applied. Here, too, you have to wait 10-20 minutes before the eyelashes are finally colored.

Lash Lifting vs. Lash Extensions - Benefits of Lifting

Cost factor

The cost of an eyelash lift is between 40 and 60 euros and are therefore significantly lower than those of a professional eyelash extension. Furthermore, the cost of a lifting always remains the same, while extensions can be more expensive depending on the duration and amount of treatment to treatment.


Nothing special needs to be considered with eyelash lifting. The eyelashes can still be cleaned with the same cosmetic products and otherwise there is no need to change the care or makeup routine.


An eyelash lift lasts roughly 6 weeks. Although the effect diminishes over time, depending on the growth of the eyelashes, there are no gaps - as can be the case with eyelash extensions.

Duration of treatment

An eyelash lift takes just under 45-50 minutes, much shorter than an eyelash extension. In the meantime, you can relax on the lounger, as there is no continuous “work” on the lash line.

Lash lifting at Lux Skin - my experience

Invitation. Shortly before my vacation in Iceland I decided to give the lash lifting a chance. I had read an article about it some time before and was naturally curious. Since I wanted to take care of myself and not my looks while on vacation, it was the perfect time for me. Because after all, I wanted one without makeup in the photos alert and fresh look have - understandable right?

I was allowed to test the lash lifting at Lux Skin. In case your looking for a good one Eyelash lifting in Vienna I can really recommend the studio to you. The cosmetic studio is located in the 9th district and is small but nice. After a warm welcome, the treatment started.

I was asked to lie down on a lounger and close my eyes. First, the treatment was discussed and the desired and appropriate eyelash curve was defined, then the silicone pads were glued on and the eyelashes were attached.

At first I found it really difficult to keep my eyes closed and the first 10 minutes of waiting just wouldn't pass. It's funny to just lie there and not be able to do anything - no cell phone, no book, just nothing. After the second step - the neutralizing agent - it was a lot easier for me. I was even able to relax properly if I ignored the fact that I couldn't open my eyes - I may be slightly claustrophobic here. After 45 minutes the fun was over and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror.

I have very long and dark eyelashes by nature and I was aware that the effect would be enormous. But I really didn't expect such a big difference. I think the effect is comparable to that after using eyelash curlers and a little mascara.

Why am I only writing this article now, almost 8 weeks after the eyelash lift?

Quite simply because I wanted to test how long the effect can actually be seen. And I can tell you that this beauty treatment is really worth it.

My eyelashes don't have as much curl as they did in the beginning, but a tiny bit is still left of them today - for only 50 euros. I applied mascara anyway, because the effect is simply different, but the eye seemed much more open. The difference to before was definitely obvious. And after all, I've now banned the eyelash curler. Soon I'll be back for an appointment and step out of the salon with Klimper eyelashes.

FAQ about lash lifting - short and sweet

Finally, I answered a few questions that I asked myself and the beautician before and after the eyelash lift. One or the other could be interesting for you.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

Depending on the eyelash growth between 6 and 8 weeks.

Does the treatment also work on short eyelashes?

Lash lifting is possible with all eyelash lengths without exception. Depending on the length, you can choose between 3 swing strengths.

What swing lengths are there?

S = strong lifting - well suited for short eyelashes, M = medium lifting - well suited for normal eyelashes, L = light lifting - well suited for long eyelashes

What do I have to pay attention to after the lift?

Basically, the eyelashes should not be used for 24 hours after the treatment. Neither water nor care products should come into contact with it.

What is the difference to the eyelash perm?

With the permanent wave, the eyelashes are wrapped over a roll and the sheet is fixed. In this way they are bent, but visually shortened. With lash lifting, they are stretched upwards directly from the wreath.

What does an eyelash lift cost?

An eyelash lift costs between 40 and 60 euros.

Where can I have my eyelashes lifted?

Eyelash lifting is offered in selected cosmetic studios.

Eyelash lifting in Vienna? Where?

I can suggest Lux Skin to you. Super professional and pleasant.

Lash lifting or would you prefer a growth serum?

Lash lifting does not exclude the use of a serum. The clear advantage of lifting is the immediate effect.