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Mobile Google search gets buy button

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google would like to integrate a buy button into its mobile search soon, but only for US users for the time being. This should be displayed next to the search results and make it easier to buy goods via mobile search and, above all, strengthen Google's position in the highly competitive market with shopping apps.


The buy button should only be displayed for paid search results. All other offers do not receive this button. In addition, this is only displayed in the mobile search, i.e. when the Google search is used on mobile phones or tablets. However, Google itself does not offer its own marketplace. If you press the button, you will only be redirected to the Google product page, where you can then buy the product from the relevant retailer. For this, Google receives a commission from the retailer from whom the product is purchased.

Why the whole thing?

Especially on mobile devices, users are increasingly using dedicated apps to buy goods. The most prominent representatives here include the apps from Amazon, eBay and Zalando in German-speaking countries. When using these apps, Google search is no longer used and Google receives less advertising revenue. One would like to prevent this and is now offering the potential buyers appropriate help in the form of the new buy button. The main reason for this is that Google currently generates more revenue from mobile search than from desktop search. We are curious whether Google will actually introduce such a button. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed by Google.

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