What are the benefits of having a rooted phone


Rooting an Android phone allows the user to get superuser access which enables operations not available to normal Android users.

Root - what is it?

The term “rooting” is used to describe the process by which users of devices with an Android mobile operating system have privileged control of their mobile phone. It is known as root access, which gives a user "superuse" access. Rooting is often done to overcome the restrictions that carriers and hardware manufacturers place on some devices. This allows the user to modify or remove system applications, run potentially dangerous applications that require administrator rights, or perform other operations that are not available to normal Android users. Rooting can also help make it easier to completely remove and replace the device's operating system.

How does this affect the cell phone?

Rooting phones can be as simple as the click of a button or installing a superuser application. Once rooted, one person has complete control over the appearance of the system. The following are the immediate benefits of rooting:

  • There is the ability to change everything visual from the battery icon to the boot animation and even the themes
  • One person can overclock and underclock the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Overclocking is used to do more operations per second and underclocking is used to save battery life
  • Rooting also provides full application control including the ability to restore, back up, or remove many pre-installed applications on many phones
  • A user can install firmware and software that allow additional levels of control
  • A user can also install blocked apps, get features from the latest version of Android, make incompatible apps compatible, and strengthen hardware

On the other hand, rooting can also be dangerous. It poses a significant risk to the phone such as accidentally introducing malware into the system while customizing the phone. Without Android's anti-malware tool, this can put data at risk, including access to your personal data. Rooting will also void the phone's warranty. Manufacturers do not cover the damage caused by rooted phones. Failure to attempt rooting can cause the phone to "burn" which means that the phone's operating system has been severely damaged and is no longer working.