How love healed you

Your faith has helped you

Dear readers,

Faith works wonders. This is not only an age-old wisdom, but increasingly also conventional medical knowledge. Brain researchers today can show how the confidence of the mind changes the biology of the body. What used to belong in the esoteric corner is now the subject of scientific interest. There is a working group for “meditation research” at the Berlin Charité.

Until the end of the 20th century, many in historical-critical theology were convinced that Jesus' miracles were inventions of the early Christian communities. At that time, they relied on an outdated view of the world from the 19th century with too little reflection. One could smile about that today if it hadn't been so tragic: Many a seemingly clever theologians blocked an ancient access to the power of faith or turned to esotericism. This became a balancing movement against a flat, dull rationalism.

Fortunately, more and more people feel their longings with heart and mind and discover ancient wisdom, as they also shine in the Gospel. “Healing with the Spirit”, according to a Spiegel article (No. 21, 2013), is a timeless reality that was and is tangible. But that's nothing new. It gets exciting when you take a closer look: When Jesus heals the sick or the blind, he often says to them: “Your faith has helped you. “He evidently awakens a wholesome faith that slumbers in us humans. Conversely, Jesus can hardly do miracles in his hometown, because for most of them he is only the son of a carpenter (Mk 6, 1f.). People have a frozen image of him. You don't believe him.

In its essence, however, faith is a relational event, open to what moves. Just as one starts a song and another joins in. Then a living melody emerges that can have a healing effect.

We are not objects of faith or healing of God. He woos us like a lover. Because belief is relational, it cannot be functionalized without harm. The "strict-faith-in-faith", so that you become healthier, better, stronger, is at best suitable as a drug to function better in sick systems. Until we're burned out. Belief as a doping agent. Jesus is different: after he has healed 10 lepers and only one comes back to thank him, he asks: “Has nobody else found himself who turned back to give glory to God ...? (Lk 17, 11f.) Go nine. Only one is in a relationship.

"And if I had" all faith so that I could move mountains and if I didn't have love, it would be of no use to me. "(1 Cor 13, 3)

This is how Paul sums it up. Faith leads to relationship or it leads astray. Today we know that loneliness is at least as harmful to health as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise.

Nobody believes for himself alone. That is why there have been parishes since the early Church. Til today. Who is still surprised when a news magazine headlines: “Churchgoers live longer.” Who would have thought how sensible it can be to believe and how beneficial it is to go to church? So it brings us closer!

Your Pastor Frank Seeger