How do I make events more interactive

5 cool tools to make your event even more interactive

Specialist conference, Fair or Industry meetings - there are many events for founders. But how can you add multimedia value to an event and attract the right participants? We introduce you to 5 event tools with which you can make your event even more interactive and make it digitally accessible to the masses.

For most attendees, networking is certainly the greatest benefit of an event. Regardless of whether you meet old friends, make new contacts, find potential customers or establish business relationships with future partners or investors - there is no substitute for personal contact at an event. Another added value are the new suggestions and inspiration that you get through technical discussions and lectures. For organizers, on the other hand, the big challenge is to select interesting speakers who will captivate the audience with an exciting lecture and at best attract listeners with their name alone. At larger events, workshops also offer participants the opportunity to interact: In smaller groups, certain topics are discussed with experts and, ideally, results or best practices are developed that can be taken home and applied directly.

But in the age of digitization, no event can do without interactive tools with which the participants can network with each other and actively help shape the event. Here we introduce you to 5 event tools that should not be missing at any event.

# 1 - the event live on the Internet

If you don't just want to reach the visitors on site with your event, you nowadays rely on a recording or transmission of the event via live stream on the Internet. from Frankfurt, for example, offers the full range: from a simple webcast with a camera to the transmission of a conference from several angles with embedded PowerPoint slides to large sports broadcasts with several stationary and mobile cameras, game status displays and slow motion of the Highlights.

The filmed content can be prepared in a user-friendly manner for all mobile devices and broadcast in parallel on all social media channels. As an organizer, you can be sure that you will also reach the online community.

Would you like an example? Here is a broadcast from the CODE_n new.New Festival last year:

# 2 Sched - Event Management Database

Large events and trade fairs in particular are associated with an enormous amount of organizational effort. A special event management database such as Sched can be helpful to keep track of the vast amounts of data that arise. In addition to creating your own event website and a mobile event app for the participants, the tool offers numerous practical features. For example, participants can reserve tickets for popular workshops or parties in advance and check in via the app. You can also create and manage a personalized agenda for the event and display an overview of speakers, participants and sponsors including profiles.

And through the integration of the Friend Finder via Facebook and Twitter, starting difficulties in networking can certainly be overcome.

# 3 Slido - Q&A tool for workshops

Events live from the interaction of the participants, no question about it. Especially in workshops, it is up to the moderators to actively involve the audience in what is happening and to encourage them to speak. The event tool Slido is perfect for this purpose and should not only score points with participants with microphone phobia. Logged in visitors can post questions about the workshop, which the moderator can then approve and the other listeners can vote for. The most popular questions are then projected live on the screen.

In addition, with Slido, surveys can be carried out among the audience in seconds and the results can be shown. And anyone who cannot attend the event in person, but only watches via the live stream, can network with the participants on site thanks to Slido.

You can see how questions are crowdsourced at an event in the following video:

# 4 Tagboard - Social Media Wall

Social media are an absolute must for every organizer. If participants of an event share their experiences online on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, special attention is guaranteed. An event tool that encourages visitors to post and share is the product of the US company Tagboard, founded in 2011. Using a specific hashtag, comments and pictures can be put online, collected and shown live on a clearly visible screen, multiple screens or mobile devices. In this way, the participants see all the posts that have been posted and can immerse themselves directly in the event.

Tagboard offers a practical moderation function for the organizer: he can react to the posts of his visitors, highlight certain posts with the help of a keyword filter or - in the case of negative content - delete them.

# 5 Topi - Networking App

Networking is not an easy task - all the more so when you have to randomly address strangers or read name tags for the first contact. The networking app Topi from the USA is of great help here. The free application available for Android and iOS enables event participants to call up extensive user profiles with social media information of other visitors and to connect with them via live chats. Meetings can be arranged effortlessly and personalized and automated notes for the new contacts can be recorded.

An international event audience is also no problem thanks to instant translations of the chats into over 70 languages. Further features of the app are an intelligent “PeopleRank” algorithm and the integration of GPS-based events and communities. Only what the user does with the new contacts is up to him.

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