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The best children's radio plays for boys and girls - from funny to exciting to fairytale - there is something for every little radio play fan.

Radio plays mean one thing to children Great fun. When the little ones listen to the story with pricked ears, assign faces to the characters' voices in their imagination or hum along to the title song, many a car trip or a dreary rainy day goes by much faster. Since the little radio play fans are not all interested in the same thing, there are many different radio plays for children: from funny to exciting to fairytale. Since the selection of stories for children is now almost infinite, we have summarized the most popular children's radio plays as a list by age. Here you can find out what is best for the little ones and which children's radio play is suitable for which age.

The most beautiful radio plays for toddlers from 3-4 years

Whether cuddling up with their parents on the couch or falling asleep in the evening: the little ones are happy about a great story. But it doesn't always have to be Mom or dad come. A short radio play with child-friendly content, an understandable, straightforward narrative style and with great speakers as well as the use of rhymes and music inspires the age group Infants from 4 years definitely and gives the parents a little break in between or just some time to think of the next story. If you don't want to withhold this valuable children's entertainment from your little ones, you will find the best recommendations in our top 10 children's listening play list for toddlers.

The stories about the courageous firefighter Sam are sure to arouse great enthusiasm among all kids who dream of becoming a firefighter themselves and are not only suitable radio plays for boys, but also for little girls. When the brave Sam proves to be the savior in an emergency and prevents minor accidents, even the youngest offspring are eager to cheer.

A little mouse that deals with the same topics as your youngest ones: Leo Lausemaus experiences great adventures with family, friends or in kindergarten. The little ones quickly recognize their world in this children's radio play and are always excited to see what Leo Lausemaus will do again in the next episode.

An unbeatable team: an older man and a tomcat who is always in the mood for painting. With this team, only funny stories can arise, which are lovingly told and will remain unforgettable for the little ones later on. This children's radio play is a prime example of real friendship.

Atmospheric and sentimental radio play about the little girl Laura and her rescued star. When Laura turns to her friend, the star, over and over again and entrusts him with everything that moves her, little listeners learn that someone is by her side at all times - whether in joy or in sadness.

For little radio play fans, the stories about the little dragon Kokosnuss, who with his inseparable friends Mathilda and Oskar, his unbelievable wealth of ideas and curious creatures, masters every challenge on the Dragon Island are always a hit - with a memorable title song to sing about.

The magic of friendship - with it, the young unicorn Twilight Sparkle and five colorful ponies create everything in the idyllic fairytale village of Ponyville. Little girls in particular like to listen to the My Little Pony radio plays up and down and count these stories among their favorite ones.

A mouse invents a great, strong friend, the terrible gruffalo. But is this maybe real? Your children will find out in the radio play. With catchy verses, the variety of voices of the speaker and a cheeky song, this radio play will undoubtedly be remembered by your offspring.

Janosch - Oh, how beautiful is Panama

Written by: Janosch, Florian Fickel
Voiced by: Jürgen Kluckert, Stefan Kaminski, Martin Kautz

The Janosch children's radio play classics definitely belong to the children's radio plays that touch the heart. When the best friends, the little tiger and the little bear, invent new things or explore new places, they do it with a lot of feeling and great emotions. A radio play that even adults simply cannot ignore.

Oh, how beautiful is Zabrze: for Janosch's 90th birthday

Pittiplatsch radio plays

Who doesn't still know them from the Sandman? The stories of Pittiplatsch, Schnatterinchen and Moppi are sure to inspire your children as well - nostalgic listening pleasure that is sure to give little listeners great pleasure even today.

Mama Moo builds a tree house

Written by: Jujja Wieslander, Tomas Wieslander
Voiced by: Matthias Haase, Gabriele Blum, Biggi Wanninger

Not only a real hit in kindergarten, toddlers can also cheer at home with the Mama Moo radio play when the extraordinary cow prefers to experience exciting adventures again instead of standing bored on the pasture. With her best friend, the crow, it turns into a real friendship story. Each scene is accompanied by a suitable musical background, so that the listening pleasure is even more beautiful.

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Audiobook Recommendations for Children: The best audiobooks and radio plays for all ages

For dreaming, thinking and puzzling along: radio plays for young people from 10 years of age

In the age group of 10 years and over, each child usually has different interests. Accordingly, the range of radio plays for young people is broad and offers adolescents a great variety of topics, so that something can be found for every preference. The topics of friendship and family, which already inspire the very little ones, are supplemented by love, fantasy and shallow horror in the radio plays for budding teenagers.

Fourteen-year-old Julia doesn't believe in unicorns at all. If only because her mother is probably the world's biggest unicorn fan. But when one day first a talking biscuit and then the famous one Chubby unicorn step into Julia's life, she is amazed. Together with her best friend Anna, she tries to bring the two runaways back to the glittering world from which they came. Will she succeed?

The crazy, charming and varied Audible Original radio play series by the inventors of "Bernd das Brot" was written by Tommy Krappweis and Sabine Bohlmann, the German voice of Lisa Simpson. Comedy star Thomas Nicolai brings the chubby unicorn to life with a lot of love. Together with his speaker colleagues Philipp Moog, Marti Fischer, Constanze Lindner, Paulina Rümmelein and Liv Wagener, he transforms the story into a fluffy listening experience for the whole family. Not just for unicorn fans!

You can now download the first season of the Audible Original radio play series - along with many other titles - free of charge.

Ghostsitter: The entire first season

Written by: Tommy Krappweis
Voiced by: Christoph Maria Herbst, Wigald Boning, Hugo Egon Balder, Bernhard Hoëcker, Kai Taschner, Felix Strüven

Tom has inherited a ghost train with living spirits and must now be known as a Ghostsitter take care of their residents. And they are anything but easy: a vampire who turns into a guinea pig at regular intervals. A zombie with a penchant for plush bunnies. A mummy that only communicates telepathically. And also a werewolf and a ghost girl, which are not harmless when the moon is full. Quite a challenge ...

The speakers of the Audible Original radio play series are as unique as the members of the ghostly chaos troupe - whether Christoph Maria Herbst as an aristocratic vampire, Hugo Egon Balder as an archetypal villain or Felix Strüven as Tom. Creepily beautiful and incredibly funny!

The first season of the Audible Original radio play series is now available for free.

Paula Power - The complete first season

Written by: Melanie Spanl
Voiced by: Florian Seigerschmidt, Mayke Dähn, Jana Dunja Gries, Hannah Schepmann, Kordula Leiße, Jona Mues

At first glance, Paulina Bauer is a completely normal girl. But only until the 10-year-old student is in Paula Power transformed. Then she develops real super powers, against which even bad villains have no chance. As a superhero, Paula removes the energy from all electrical devices and hurls them at her opponents. Fortunately, Paula is soon no longer alone in the fight against evil: she and her best friend Klara are looking for support at a superhero casting.

With Paula Power, Melanie Spanl has created a strong protagonist who not only inspires girls for their adventures.

The first season of the Audible Original radio play series is now available for free.

You can see how emotional football can be not only among professionals, but also in hobby clubs. For example with the five friends of the Griesheim gang from the new Audible Original radio play The King-Kong kicker. Oberaffengeil. This radio play offers more excitement than a penalty shootout in the World Cup final and is an absolute must for die-hard football fans, would-be time travelers and everyone else who was young sometime between the 80s and today.

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They are always on the heels of the criminals: the triplets Betty, Benny and Buck Buff. In order to put down the handicrafts of the villains, they need brains, courage and sportiness. Since each of them brings one of them with them, they are an unbeatable team and well equipped. They also get help from friends and family. Whether stolen wax figures or dead rats in the sewer - the three young investigators solve every mysterious case.

They are science fiction adventures for young people in which hostile creatures from space threaten the earth and which the main character, physics student Jan Tenner, has to fend off together with Professor Futura. With distant worlds, interesting technical details and other dimensions, this radio play playfully arouses interest in science in young people.

Do your little ones love horses more than anything? Then the Ostwind radio plays are a good choice. When Mika takes the horse at her grandmother's riding stables east wind tames and they become best friends, the hearts of little horse lovers are guaranteed to beat faster. It gets just as exciting when Mika falls in love for the first time.

You are half-vampire and still have to adapt to everyday human life. As if that wasn't enough of a challenge, the neighbor turns out to be a vampire hunter. The sisters Dakaria and Silvania experience vampiric adventures and discover their individuality. While one of them wants to be a real vampire, the other finds human life exciting and great.

The London department store and private investigator Perry Clifton is always there to solve a criminal case. He gets brilliant support from the little boy next door, Dicki Miller, who has many good ideas. What is special about the Perry Clifton radio plays is the omniscient narrator, who gives the little listeners a clear knowledge advantage.

Who hasn't found something mysterious in the attic and tried it right away? But that has consequences for Kelly Quinn and her two friends Darbie and Hannah. The cookbook with the magical recipes not only silences annoying little brothers, but also has another dark secret. Your children will then tell you which it is.

The first season of the Audible Original radio play series is now available for free.

Youth radio plays with a Christian message can be really exciting. This is proven by the 5 sibling radio plays, in which the five pastor's children repeatedly get into tricky situations to uncover secrets - a mix of teaching children values ​​and age-appropriate, exciting entertainment.

The best children's radio plays of all time at a glance

authorChildren's radio plays
Willi Röbke, Stefan Eckel, Jakob RiedlHeroes in the Storm - The radio play for the movie
Maren HargesheimerLeo Lausemaus does not want to eat
Sven NordqvistA birthday cake for the cat
Jörg Schermer, Gabriele Bingenheimer, Marian SzymczykLaura's Star. The original radio play for the movie
Ingo SiegnerAn omelette for the boss / On a word / The outsiders / Flight on a leash. The original radio play for the TV series
Klara HaaseAn order from Princess Celestia
Thomas Karallus, Axel Scheffler, Julia DonaldsonThe Gruffalo: The original radio play for the film
JanoschJanosch - Oh, how beautiful is Panama
Ingeborg FeustelThe best of Pittiplatsch. Adventure in the fairy tale forest with Schnatterinchen and Moppi
Jujja Wieslander, Tomas WieslanderMama Moo builds a tree house
Oliver Versch, Helge May, Roland GriemThe time travel trophy. Oberaffengeil! The entire first season
Arthur Conan DoyleA scandal in Bohemia: the adventures of Sherlock Holmes - radio play 1
Dick FarlowJan Tenner Collectors Edition - Episodes 1 - 8
Lea Schmidbauer, Kristina Magdalena HennTogether we are free. The radio play
Franziska GehmThe vampire sisters
Wolfgang cornerThe secret of the white ravens [extended version]
Barbara van den SpeulhofThe mysterious cookbook: The complete first season
Tobias SchierThe symphony of horror

So that the listening pleasure of your little ones continues: find even more children's radio plays

Every good story comes to an end once and even if you can hear your favorite story ten times, at some point you still have to replenish it. Fortunately, most radio plays have multiple episodes, so your children can listen to numerous adventures of their favorite heroes. Also, you can find similar stories by looking at other titles in the same genre. For small, frequent listeners, there is also the opportunity to find out more about other titles by the author or the speaker. These are easy to find, because at audible we suggest similar works for each title that your children may be interested in. For all small radio play fans who cannot get enough of exciting stories, a subscription is worthwhile, with which the little ones can hear themselves through the entire repertoire of children's radio plays and are sure to find a few new favorite stories.

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