Can chickens eat dry cat food

Cat food for chickens?

Hans 12/14/01
I also have an extremely spoiled tomcat who doesn't eat everything I offer him. Is it harmful to the chickens if I give them what the cat won't eat? (i.e. canned meat etc.). If anyone has an idea, it would be nice to share it with me.

Brigitta 12/15/01
IMPORTANT!!! Remember: feeding such things to farm animals is prohibited.
Nope, it's not harmful, it just has to "fit".
Just look at the package, if it's animal feed, it always says how much raw nutrients are in it. Most of it is water with gelatine anyway and only a few vitamins as a preservative, which you can mathematically neglect for hens. I have cat (hedgehog) food here ("meat and animal by-products") with 10% crude protein, a little blue and 82% "moisture". (You have to keep in mind that the feed is for animals that, compared to hens, do "nothing" except jump around. No longer grow, do not moult, and do not lay eggs.)
Runs under "Treats", doesn't do any harm, doesn't use anything either, you just have to be careful that you don't hit it off like you're sick and don't take in anything else.
If you have real meat, THAT is different. Without salt, and then up to 20.25g / animal / day (that's about a tablespoon full), that really removes something in the protein supply Is good, feels good, tastes good - AAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBER:
IMPORTANT!!! When it comes to both things, keep in mind: feeding such things to farm animals is prohibited.

Hans 12/16/01
I really don't know at the moment why this is forbidden.
Or is that related to animal meal etc.?

Brigitta 12/16/01
The feeding of "animal protein" to livestock has been banned in the course of the BSE legislation. This applies to everything except milk and eggs - so leftovers are also prohibited as long as they contain meat * note *, no leftover sausage, and of course no cat or dog food.

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