The Thing is a remake in 1982

Horror classic The Thing will be remade after a sensational find

There are 3 films from The Thing, the most famous of which is by horror master John Carpenter. Now a version of the original story emerged. A new film is promptly in the making.

A new attempt is made to film the original story of John Carpenter's The Thing aka Das Ding aus Another World. The studios Blumhouse (Get Out) and Universal should take on the project, such as Bloody Disgusting reports. This time the movie will probably be called Frozen Hell. But one after the other ...

In 1938, science fiction writer John W. Campbell Jr. published the short story Who Goes There? in Astounding magazine. While he had to make significant cuts for publication, the narrative ended up being so influential it was several films from it emerged: The Thing from Another World from 1951, the John Carpenter version from 1982 and a prequel to the Carpenter horror from 2011, which primarily only made a name for itself because of its confused production history. So now the next version is in the works.

Original story rediscovered: More content for the remake

In contrast to many other remake and remake projects, there is a solid reason to redesign the story from scratch. Because when researching a book, the original story rediscovered by John W. Campbell. Her title: Frozen Hell. The only thing known to the public was the aforementioned cropped version, which was sold under the name Who Goes There? went to print.

Also a hit thanks to Kurt Russell: The Thing by John Carpenter

The complete original version is 45 pages longer and not only adds a lot to the narrative Backstorybut also has some Differences in the plot on. So it is quite possible that with Frozen Hell we are not just a variation of The Thing, but something completely fresh.

In any case, producer Alan Donnes announced in a Facebook post last Friday that the film should contain the best of the first two films as well as both versions of the stories. We can be curious. It is not yet known who will direct and who will contribute the script.

Are you also looking forward to the fact that the well-known story will be filmed again with new content or should it be better to let the story rest?