How long was Sesame Street on PBS

Sesame Street

Sesame Streetis the name of the American original of Sesame Street and is one of the longest running American television programs for children.

Sesame Street in the United States premiered on November 10, 1969 on National Educational Television (PBS).

In November 2019 the show celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Muppets (currently) Edit source]

  • Abby Cadabby: A pink female fairy muppet that first appeared in season 37.
  • Baby bear: A Muppet Bear originally from the fairy tale of the three bears.
  • Bert: A golden yellow muppet who loves pigeons and hates when Ernie plays a prank on him. He has his own collection of bottle caps and paper clips. He even knows how to dance as a pigeon.
  • Big Bird: A large, eight-meter-tall yellow bird that lives in a nest. He has a lot of friends on the street, even birds.
  • Cookie monster: The fuzzy blue monster who likes to eat cookies and everything else.
  • Count by Count: A vampire-like muppet who wants to count everything.
  • Elmo: A furry red monster most famous on Sesame Street. He has a spin-off series called "Elmo's World" where he talks about a different topic in each episode, along with his goldfish Dorothy.
  • Ernie: An orange muppet who likes to joke about his buddy Bert. He loves his rubber duck when he bathes with him.
  • Grover: The fuzzy blue monster that works as a waiter in Charlie's restaurant. He can have other jobs like a doctor, professor, and super grover. He can be very stupid.
  • Herry monsters: A big blue monster that is strong and often broken uncontrollably.
  • Julia: An autistic muppet girl who first appeared in episode 48.
  • Louie & Mae: Elmo's parents.
  • Mr. Snuffleupagus: A large, tan, brown creature that has a long nose, called a runny nose. Since its first episode, it has been considered imaginary by adults. In 1985, people on Sesame Street were surprised when they saw a live snuffleupagus for the first time. He has a younger sister named Alice.
  • Oscar the Grouch: He lives in a trash can and is always in a bad mood. He hates being happy and likes it when nobody annoys him.
  • Rosita: A female monster originally from Mexico. She teaches Spanish words and loves Mexican culture.
  • Rudy: Abby's stepbrother.
  • Slimey: Oscar's pet worm.
  • Telly monster: A fuzzy magenta monster that first appeared in season 12. When first seen, he is watching TV and his eyes are blurry.
  • Zoe: An orange monster that first appeared in season 25.
  • Two-headed monster: A fuzzy lavender monster with two heads, each with a different personality.

People [edit | Edit source]

  • Alan (since 1998): He has currently been the manager at Hooper's Store since the show's 30th season.
  • Angela & Jamal (1993-1995): They were married and had a baby named Kayla. Angela worked in the day care center and Jamal worked as a park attendant.
  • Armando (2013-2015): An American from Sesame Street who is familiar with the Spanish subject.
  • Bob Johnson (since 1969): A music teacher. His most famous songs include "The people in your neighborhood" and "I have two".
  • Buffy (1975-1981): An Indian who first appeared in Season 7.
  • Carlo (1993-1998): A teenager who previously worked in the Hooper's store.
  • Celina (1993-1998): A woman who owns a dance studio in the immediate vicinity.
  • Chris (since 2007): Gordon and Susannes nephew who works in the Hooper's store.
  • Christy (2010-2011): Chris' twin sister.
  • David (1971-1989): After the death of Mr. Hooper, David took over the management until 1989.
  • Gabi Rodriguez (1989-2013): Maria and Luis' daughter who was born in the season 20 finale.
  • Gina Jefferson (1986-2015): She graduated from school in 1990. From 1995-1998 Gina ran a day-care center. Since the removal, Gina has studied her job as a veterinarian and gets the job.
  • Gordon (since 1969): He lives with Susan and Miles at 123 Sesame Street. He is a university lecturer in science.