What's your favorite series from the 1980s

15 ultimate 90s series that shaped us and the decade

With Everything Sucks! starts a series on Netflix that takes you right back to the 90s. We have put together a list of the ultimate 90s series for you, more 90s is not possible!

Macarena, the grunge look, questionable hairstyles (such as the iconic haircut "The Rachel"): who doesn't like to think back to the 1990s? While we can only smile about many things from that time, there are always songs, fads or even films and series that we just can't let go of. If you want to increase the nostalgia factor and indulge yourself in the decade of the Tamagotchis, you can now do so very easily: The new series Everything Sucks is now on Netflix! available that takes place in the 90s. The Coming of Age story is about two average teenagers who navigate their everyday lives in the 90s and prefer to enjoy doing nothing.

In keeping with the start of the series, we have given ourselves to our own need for nostalgia and put together a list of 13 ultimate 90s series for you. The series don't have to start or end in the 90s, but have spent part of their airing time in them. We left out all animated series because they need their own list.

What's your favorite show from the 90s?