Gay people prefer to wear women's perfumes

Men's smell: "Good perfume is like an orgasm for the nose"

Attractive or intrusive: do men really need perfume? We asked five women how important perfume is to them for men and which fragrances do not go down well with them. For most, a good fragrance is closely related to eroticism.

"A good perfume is almost like an orgasm for the nose," says Sabine *, 57 years old. “If a man smells pleasant, his nose is happy first and then his head. You get positive feelings and a good mood. You just like to smell it a second time. ”Sabine likes it when things go in a sporty, fresh direction. “A woody, heavy scent goes well with a fancy dinner,” she says. In her opinion, sweet smells are an absolute no-go.

What smells good turns on

If the scent fits, it also stimulates the imagination. "If a good-looking man comes along and smells great too, then sometimes the thoughts go their own way," says Sabine and smiles. The smell just makes a lot of difference. “Perfume is an important accessory for a nice evening for two with a passionate end. That turns it on, ”emphasizes the 57-year-old.

You don't forget a good scent

She still knows how her husband smelled when they first met, 40 years ago. “This fragrance is firmly associated with my husband. It's crazy, you can't remember all the details of the meeting, but the scent lingers in your nose, ”says Sabine. “How my husband smells is part of our relationship. A fragrance shapes, awakens memories and moods. That is just part of it. ”However, a wrong scent note can also make a person who is likeable, she points out.

Perfume clouds in the office are a no-go

43-year-old Rebecca also thinks that a man can score points with a good scent on a date. “But it is important that the perfume is not applied too thickly and that the smell is not too intrusive,” she says. Sporty and tart fragrances are best suited to her.

Perfume clouds in the office, on the other hand, are an absolute no-go for them. “It's just not appropriate at work,” she says. “It can even be really uncomfortable. Perfume needs a real occasion. ”Rebecca is a bit critical when it comes to the ingredients. “I know some who are allergic to it,” she says.

Like good fruit

Even for Madeleine *, men don't have to fog themselves up all the time. However, you should not do without it completely. “A man's scent is important to me. And by that I don't just mean hygiene, but also perfume, shower gel, creams and so on. "

If a man smells good to her, she finds it extremely attractive and erotic. “It's the same with fruit. A great smelling strawberry or tomato will seduce you. When it comes to tomatoes, I always do the odor test before buying, ”she says and laughs. "And when I meet a man who smells good, I almost automatically turn around and look after him."

When asked which fragrances she likes, the answer comes straight away: “When it comes to perfumes, I prefer light, sweet fragrances rather than heavy ones. The heavy ones can also be sexy. ”What her nose doesn't like are tart nuances of grapefruit. She also finds typical soap smells unpleasant. “It is best to stroll through a perfume shop with your partner. You are sure to find a fragrance that both of them will like. "

"Perfume must be!"

Nina *, 33 years old, has a clear attitude: “Perfume must be!”. She thinks it is best when men wear a bitter scent. Sweet varieties cannot score points with her. “It has to be male,” she emphasizes. “A good perfume conveys the image of a 'real man' to me. In addition, a good scent is very attractive and should definitely not be missing during sex. "

In addition to passion, perfume also brings back memories: “Last weekend I met again from a previous affair. And it smelled damn good - like back then. Then I had our sex in my head again and thought, 'Oh, actually, it would be nice to see that again'.

Perfume increases attractiveness

The 31-year-old Petra * also thinks that a good perfume belongs to a man. “A good fragrance arouses emotions,” she says. "It makes a good-looking man even more attractive - and can even increase the attraction of men who are less appealing," she says. Your nose likes masculine-tart scents that exude strength and a bit of dominance.

“A real scent of man is incredibly sexy. Your imagination can run away with you. ”This is especially the case with her when the perfume mixes with a slight smell of sweat after exercising. “I find that very erotic. It couldn't be more masculine, ”she enthuses. “A man's scent emphasizes his personality. In addition to appearance and character, it simply belongs to it. "

Like a secret code

Petra is convinced that perfume can also make clear statements. “I know exactly which perfume my partner finds particularly sexy. And he, too, knows which fragrance is particularly attractive to me. If either of us puts on this scent, we both know what it's going to be for in the course of the evening. It's like a secret code. "

* Name changed by the editor.