Scholarship for Robotics

main emphasis

Mechatronics, Robotics and Industrial Systems

Intelligent systems support our daily life. The environment in which people have to act is becoming increasingly complex. Intelligent systems help us to master a multitude of difficult tasks, relieve us of monotonous or unpleasant work completely, ensure pleasant ambient conditions or protect us from disasters and accidents. Monitoring and control systems in automobiles and aircraft, autonomous household and service robots, the automatic evaluation of vital functions in medical devices, intelligent ventilation, heating and lighting systems are just a few examples of everyday, artificial assistants and guards.

With a focus on mechatronics & robotics, the information technology & system management course makes a significant contribution to strengthening Salzburg as a technology location.

Mechatronics, Robotics & Industrial Systems in the Bachelor's degree

Mechatronics is a combination of mechanics, electronics and information technology. Based on basic competencies in technical mechanics and construction, students of the bachelor's degree in mechatronics deal with measurement and control technology, sensor technology, drive technology and microcomputer controls. The focus of their studies is information technology, which gives them the basics of creating software to give mechatronic products and machines the necessary intelligence.