What machine can make colored pencil

It's that easy to get paint into pens

Colored pencils are indispensable on the shelves of a well-stocked stationery shop. Whether children, schoolchildren, creative people, or artists. They all use colored pencils a lot and love. The colorful companions are versatile, draw smooth transitions or hard contours, can be corrected thanks to an eraser and are available in many different colors.

But what exactly are we holding in our hands? We would like to pursue this question.

Colored pencil leads basically consist of color pigments, binders, fillers on a natural basis and lubricants such as fats. These ingredients are mixed according to a specific recipe until a homogeneous mass is created, which is formed into a large, cylindrical block by a press. Only now does a hydraulic press push the individual mine strands out of the block. At this point in time, the mines are not yet hardened, but rather flexible. They are cut to 185 millimeters so that they later fit exactly into the wooden holder of the pencils. In perforated metal cans, the leads really "work up a sweat": after eight hours at 60 to 120 degrees they are hardened. During this process, the metal cans rotate - so the leads rub against each other smoothly, align themselves and become straight as a pin. An intermediate step is necessary for water-soluble pencils. The leads are impregnated, during this process the wax penetrates the lead - this makes the paint water-soluble.

And this is how the colored lead gets into the wood

After the colored leads have hardened, they are glued into a suitable wooden frame especially for pens. Wood from Malaysia and / or California is mainly used for colored pencils. It is important that the wood (ideally cedar or jeluting wood) is characterized by the straight and soft grain possible so that the colored pencils can be sharpened later. The wood is cut to the size of a board with recesses beforehand. The mines are placed there and fixed with special lead glue, a corresponding wooden counterpart then covers the mines. Then a machine mills the individual pins out of the wooden board. Now they are ready to be coated with multiple finishes and printed.

Colored pencils at Horst Höll in Baden-Baden

In our stationery shop in a central city location in Baden-Baden you will find the crayons and crayons described above in their final state. Choose from our large range for different ages and uses! There is sure to be exactly the right colored pencil for you (or your child).