What is fixboot

Windows XP: MBR and / or start sector defective

Recovery console

It can happen that the master boot record (MBR) and / or the start sector of the system partition is damaged and the system can no longer be started.

This can be remedied as follows:

If the computer does not start, the recovery console can be run from the WinXP CD (the recovery console can only be used by users with administrator rights).

- The BIOS must be changed so that the computer can boot from CD.
- First the CD is booted and the second Point selected

"Press the R.Key to repair an installation of Windows XP using the Recovery Console"

after that "kSelect "(for console) on the keyboard to activate the recovery console. The administrator password is required. If you did not set one, just leave it blank and press ENTER.
- You are now at the so-called command prompt, here you can enter the commands described below.
- To get a list of the available commands, type help a.
- To restart the computer and exit the recovery console, you just have to exit and press [ENTER].

But now to the real problem:

fixboat write a new one Starting sector on the system partition
fixmbr repairs the Master boot record the boot partition

Different to fixmbr clears fdisk / mbr also the one with the disk GUID associated volume signature.
As a result, a cloned disk (e.g. IDE => RAID) works again.
fixmbr does not help here, as the data carrier signature is not deleted.

Microsoft Help & Support 249321

The bootcfg command is required to restore the Windows XP boot menu.

tip: Repair Windows XP

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Windows XP: MBR and / or start sector defective
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