Should Christians celebrate Easter

Christians celebrate Easter, what does that mean?

For Christians, Easter is the most important Festival of the year. It's even more important than Christmas.

The root of their faith lies in the event of Easter Vigil over 2,000 years ago.

in the Christianity Easter therefore begins on Easter Vigil from Saturday to Sunday and ends at Pentecost. That's exactly 50 days.

In the period before, during and after Easter, special services and baptisms take place in the parishes. Christians fast from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. In the Middle Ages, believers were not allowed to eat meat, dairy products, eggs or alcohol during this period. Very few believers today fast so strictly. Instead, they forego habits such as watching TV, snacking on sweets or driving a car during the seven weeks. In the Lent people should consciously forego in order to prepare for the upcoming renewal. At the same time, they remember the carpenter's sufferings during Lent Jesus from NazarethThe 40 days are therefore also called the Passion Time.
The passion of Jesus Christ is a series of events. It begins with the religious leaders of Jerusalem deciding on the death of the man from Nazareth. Jesus had dared publicly disapprove of their actions. In addition, the priests are jealous because a simple carpenter inspires so many people with his teaching about the goodness of God. Jesus has an inkling of what will happen. On the feast of Passover, he tells his twelve disciples that he will be betrayed, arrested and crucified.
The disciples are stunned and do not believe it. And yet it happens exactly as Jesus predicts: Judas, one of the twelve, betrays him to the high priests for 30 pieces of silver. The following night, Jesus is arrested in the garden of Gethsemane. The next day the men of the high council interrogate him. Subsequently, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate sentenced him to death by crucifixion. On the hill of Golgotha ‚Äč‚Äčoutside the walls of Jerusalem, Jesus of Nazareth is hastily nailed to the cross. He dies the same evening, but his death is cruel and excruciating. According to Jewish custom, his followers lay the body in a rock grave. But when Mary Magdalene and other women come to the place of death on Sunday, Jesus' grave is empty. The sorrow and doubts of the believers give way to joy and confidence: "Jesus Christ is risen!" Jesus of Nazareth becomes Jesus Christ, the anointed.

How can it be that a person who is dead suddenly lives again? Is it a puzzle that science has yet to solve? Or is it a secret that only those who believe in it can understand?

Believing that everything happened and that it is possible is the cornerstone of Christianity. It is the confession of people to God and to Jesus Christ, his Son sent by him. Christians see the message in the resurrection of Jesus Christ: God wants life! The resurrection defeats death. Everyone who believes in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit overcomes pain, grief and death. He doesn't have to fear anything anymore. Every end is a new beginning. This promise of God will last forever. That is the Christian message on Easter Sunday. The good news is in John's Gospel in the New Testament:

Jesus speaks:
I am the resurrection and the life.
Whoever believes in me will live even if they die.
And who lives and relies on me
will never die, not forever.
(John 11:25)

Text: Nicole Potthoff