How do telephones and televisions adjust the volume

Music & TV accessories for the hard of hearing

Wireless TV headphones for the hard of hearing are the ideal solution if several people with different hearing impairments want to watch TV together. You receive the sound directly from the TV set and pass it on to the listener. Anyone else can record the sound normally from the television.

It is particularly practical that the wireless headphones get by without cables for the hard of hearing. In this way, they do not pose a trip hazard if the wearer forgets to take them off when getting up from the armchair. Even walking around the room is not a problem. He simply takes the sound with him, including headphones.

Some models provide the option to choose between different audio sources. This means that you can switch between television and radio at the push of a button.

Alternatively, those who are hard of hearing can consider Bluetooth hearing aids. These receive the TV signal and transmit it directly to the hearing aid. He therefore does not need an additional device. This alternative is particularly recommended for people who want to use as few different devices as possible and who prefer hearing aids with many functions.

If you already have hearing aids but do not have a Bluetooth function, you should ideally use an induction loop. This is placed around the neck and then transmits the TV sound directly to the hearing aids. Additional headphones are not necessary.

Regardless of whether hearing aids are already available or not: There is a suitable solution for everyone with hearing impairments to be able to actively enjoy the television experience again without other people feeling impaired or perceiving the television volume as too loud.