What does the flag of Lesothos mean


Lesotho is a very small country in the south of Africa. Since it is completely enclosed by the state of South Africa, it is also called an enclave. Lesotho is very mountainous, which is why it is also known as the "Kingdom in Heaven". About two million people live here, but most of the country cannot be inhabited because there are so many mountains.

The language spoken by the people of Lesotho is called "Sesotho". Many people still live according to old traditions. A major problem in the country is the high AIDS rate. Many people die from this disease and then the children are often left behind as orphans.

size 30,355 kmĀ²
Residents 2.1 million
language Sesotho and English
Capital Maseru
Longest river Oranje (total length 2160 km)
Highest mountain Thabana Ntlenyana (3482 m)
currency Loti