Why do traffic lights rarely fail?


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    Your comment is really well thought out - but wouldn't it be better to keep your nerve about the AZ lock? Perhaps in a few days these concerns will be cleared and AZ will be administered again. How happy would mankind have been with the thalidomide crisis in the sixties if the first contraindications had become visible sooner ... And if it had to come about that AZ had to be completely removed from the market, then we would be saved from worse. Just let the experts do their job now!

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    You argue really well, but "EVERYTHING tight"? Do Rewe / Edeka / penny / netto / Lidl / Aldi / Kaufland / Real open illegally?

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    CAUTION with "the whole" generalizations! Or do you want to feel stigmatized by "the whole population"?

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    They get right to the point. The many I-people pull the WE-people into permanent problems. And that's why there are only a few countries that are corona world champions and many countries that are all corona world failures. The virus and its mutants are doing a great job wrecking the economy in the long run with the intentional extinction of taxpayers.

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    Can only guess:
    - mutations?
    - Winter vacation / vacation?
    - Increase in the Czech Republic + Austria?
    Or just everything together?

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    What is the reason for the increase in infections?


    Here you can see that it already starts in mid-February. There wasn't any easing at this point, right? It's easy to lose track of things ...

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    Sucks ... if you already use such strong expressions, it is something completely different:
    The chance for a let's say 50-80-year-old to die of corona without an AZ vaccination is many times higher than to die of a cerebral hemorrhage as a result of a vaccination, even if fanatical and hysterical opponents of the vaccination do not want to admit it and the truth apparently deliberately twist. Their ideological stubbornness costs human lives here, today and in the next few weeks, and that is indeed ... sucks!
    (By the way, nobody is forced to vaccinate themselves with AZ).

  8. 52.

    ... because of a couple of isolated thromboses? I beg your pardon? So, if someone wants to be vaccinated against Corona so that he stays alive, he shouldn't die from it !!! It would have been better not to get vaccinated! Who knows how many more would have died from it! Or who knows how many have already died from it without being noticed! This is about BRAIN BLEEDING !!! I don't want to get a cerebral hemorrhage if I get the Corona vaccine, sorry, but "a couple of isolated thromboses" ... sucks. These are people who died because they wanted to protect themselves!

  9. 51.

    "Hotel in Mallorca? Is it safe?
    Holiday home in Germany? Life threatening.
    Where is the logic in that? "
    Um ... this TUI Airbus just doesn't fit on the Wyk / Foer runway. Just an idea ;-).

  10. 50.

    It's all the protesters to blame!

  11. 49.

    @Lara: Between 39 and 45 there was hardly any school? Where did you get that from? Of course, school lessons took place. If you were in the basement at night, of course you still went to school, university and work during the day. The trains and trams also drove as far as possible. The mail was also delivered. That is why it is so utterly incomprehensible for many fellow citizens of this generation that things no longer work so smoothly today in peacetime.

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    Japan has 130 million inhabitants and not even 10% of our corona cases. They didn't even have their shops closed in lockdown. In Japan, all shops have been open continuously since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Only bars and restaurants have to close by 8 p.m. during the lockdown and discos are completely closed.

    Tokyo is one of the most densely packed metropolises in the world, has 10 times as many inhabitants per km² as Berlin and yet not even a fraction of the infections. Almost 40 million live in Tokyo and Tokyo has fewer infected people than the almost 4 million in Berlin + bacon belt.

    You just can't talk that nicely anymore, it's up to us and nobody else. Our inability to deal with a pandemic.

    In Japan people wear face masks even when cycling, here in Germany healthy people get a medical certificate that exempts them from wearing one in the shop because they cannot get enough air.

  13. 47.

    Months of lockdown => infection numbers are slowly falling.
    Despite high numbers, it is opened => the number of infections increases quickly, the success of the lockdown is undone.
    In addition, there is the ineptitude of politics:
    First there should be loosening from an incidence of 50. (50 is still a very high number)
    Then the policy becomes sensible for a short time and brings that number down to an incidence of 35.
    But then politics realizes that it will take forever until 35 or 50 => therefore increase to 100! That's a catastrophe!
    (Over 100 => emergency brake, all previous measures will be canceled)
    It was foreseeable, however, that the 100 would also be reached quickly.
    However, as always, the Senate is not sticking to the agreements made by the MPKs and is only stopping future loosening. Is this a joke? Politicians never realize that the outbreaks come mainly from the schools and only a REAL lockdown AND quick vaccination will help us? We need a lockdown, what a shame, but that's the way it is!

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    But you already know that your "successful best-practice countries New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea" are all islands or (South Korea - the only land border is the isolated one with North Korea) island-like and all have significantly fewer inhabitants than Germany?

    But you probably care as little as the death toll, which is by no means at an "all-time high". Or that people don't just work because of the disdainful mammon. And of course: if the stock exchange prices collapse, we will all be better off.

    It is no coincidence that you are a follower of the - what was the name of this ideology again, where it is primarily about spending money, but rarely about earning this money first? Socialism?

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    I don't understand people's impatience. Everything has been tight since November. The Chancellor said it only takes 3 to 4 hard months. Half the missed school year can also be coped with. 39 to 45 was hardly a school either and we are export world champions. Yes, other countries are quicker to vaccinate and reopen, but everything here is absolutely perfectly bureaucratic and fair vaccinated according to the sequence - you could just guess that.

  16. 44.

    Hotel in Mallorca? Is it safe?
    Holiday home in Germany? Life threatening.

    Where is the logic?
    Whether in the supermarket in Berlin or in the supermarket in the Black Forest. The same rules apply everywhere.

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    Politics is difficult to understand ...... 1 person is allowed to visit a household with 2 people but vice versa forbidden, trips to Mallorca, Greece etc. are allowed but in Germany the hotels remain closed. I can go on writing like this for hours. Politicians should finally tell the citizens that we have to live with this virus.

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    How to do it, you do it wrong.

    A blind person with a cane can see that we are slipping into a “third wave”, but unfortunately also that a considerable part of the people is psychologically and economically at the end. (Lockdown advocates are right that openings in the middle of the pandemic, for example, do not help restaurant and shop owners either, but they also have to be told that a lockdown that would have to be enforced with draconian means because a fatalistic population simply no longer exists stick to the rules, a blunt sword remains.)

    And on top of that, we afford ourselves the luxury of suspending vaccinations because of a few isolated thromboses, which in this situation simply cannot be done without!

    In the meantime I no longer know which of the two ways is the right and at the same time wrong, but my anger at our vaccination rate and the helpless government is great. Not to mention the EU.

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    There was probably no more space on the A4 page, otherwise you would have written on it "you can deviate from the plan at any time as you want"
    Hey Spahn is called the Minister of Announcement ... well, he's in good company.

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    You speak from my heart. It is thanks to egoism that we are at this point. The students also get along very well at home if the teachers are willing. I have two children in grades 3 and 9 and they both do their own things. HomeSchooling works, why go back to schools now? You should rather take a closer look at the schools where it doesn't work. If everyone were to obey the rules, we would have been able to open a long time ago, but no, everyone wants to go back to Male quickly. Humility would be the order of the day.