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Salesforce developer training

Detailed description

Do you have internal employees who are or should be involved in the development of your Salesforce system? Have you already considered training these employees? Trainings are useful for your employees as well as for your company. We would be happy to explain why this is the case and how we can support you.

More and more companies employ employees who are concerned with the further development of their own Salesforce system. Often, however, this task is not their actual core competence and most employees only have a rudimentary knowledge of dealing with Salesforce development. This can lead to errors and failures in the system: To avoid this, we offer you our Salesforce developer training.

What are the consequences of a lack of training?

In addition to the time that is required to acquire knowledge independently, the quality of the knowledge also plays an essential role:

  • If your employee has difficulties choosing between the individual development variants and technologies in Salesforce, your system will suffer massively.
  • Does your employee lack an overview of the trigger structure of objects and therefore cannot understand how the code is being executed?
  • Do you need special applications for your company but don't know how to integrate them into Salesforce?

Many more examples are possible at this point. Important is:

"Salesforce is powerful and can do a lot - but only good developers can really make full use of it."

In fact, Salesforce is a powerful platform in which almost all requirements can be implemented through developments. In order to use this power, you only have to give your employees the right know-how and thus the key to smooth implementation. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about Salesforce developer training.

Pricing structure

The training starts at a price of € 3,190. This price includes 1 PT training with up to 3 participants. Each additional day with up to 3 participants costs € 2,790 and every additional participant costs an extra charge of € 790. Two consultants are available for you on site, which topics you choose is not relevant for the price.

Variable number of days of in-house trainingPrice: from € 3,190 excl. VAT.

Training topics and agenda at a glance

The seminar topics will be clarified with you individually.

Variable number of days of in-house trainingPrice: from € 3,190 excl. VAT.