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Court: A restaurant cannot simply become a business


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After a court decision, a restaurant cannot simply be converted into a business even in Corona times. A building permit is required for this, decided the Cologne Administrative Court after a communication on Friday.

Innkeeper wanted to react to current loss of income with conversion

It rejected the urgent application from a restaurateur from Bergisch Gladbach, who wanted to react to loss of income as a result of the corona protective measures with the conversion.

The applicant is the owner of a restaurant that had to close due to the corona restrictions. Since he feared for his economic existence, he wanted to change his business model and sell toilet paper, kitchen rolls, fruit and vegetables, drinks and vouchers for online shops, among other things.

Court rejects urgent application

He communicated this to the city of Bergisch Gladbach and added that he assumed that his project would not have any legal concerns. He will therefore start selling shortly if he does not hear anything different from the city. The city replied by email that the intended use as a sales outlet was not permitted.

The innkeeper then submitted the urgent application to the court. The judges decided, however, that he needed a building permit, as the requirements for a restaurant were different from those of a shop.


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