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Google launches developer portal for ChromeOS

Developers who create apps for ChromeOS can find a central point of contact in The website provides information, documentation, code samples, announcements and links to tools related to development for Google's operating system. The site is currently available in English and Spanish, with more languages ​​to follow.

According to the site launch announcement, Chromebook sales in the US from March to June 2020 were 127 percent higher than the same period last year, while sales of the rest of the notebooks rose 40 percent that year.

Development for and on ChromeOS

The page aims at the three different ways of bringing applications to ChromeOS devices: the platforms Android, Linux and web apps are meant. Google's operating system not only serves as a target platform, but the site brings resources for developers who create their applications on Chromebooks.

The official development tool Android Studio has been running on Chrome OS since version 3.5. In addition, the site recommends the cross-platform framework Flutter, also from Google, which recently appeared in version 1.20. Android apps have officially run on ChromeOS since 2016, but the site is also aimed at developers who create applications for Android phones or tablets on Chromebooks using the separate Android emulator for testing.

With Crostini, developers can use Linux applications on ChromeOS. Anyone using the system, which is officially designated as Linux (Beta), will find a flexibly adaptable terminal window that can manage individual sessions via tabs and separate windows.

Among other things, web developers can find information on developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on the portal. Most of the IDEs such as Visual Studio Code that are available for Linux can be used as tools - Crostini is based on Debian.

Further details can be found in the official announcement on the page.


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