Why are real friends so few

Picky? OK then! It is healthy to have few friends

Do you prefer to be alone? Super demanding? Or do you always have only one real ally? Rejoice, you are doing everything right. A new study says that people who don't have many friends are generally better off ...

They're in abundance: studies that say people who have a lot of social contacts are happier and live longer. Yes, for a long time we thought that these people lead a better, because more fulfilling, life. That is definitely true somehow. However, there is a suitable study for everyone and everything. That is why we recently came across a new research result that should please all those whom very few select call their friends.

More independent, more confident and smarter

A long-term study from the USA has now shown that the test persons in particular, who had few but close friends in their youth, suffered less frequently from feelings of anxiety. These people were generally more self-confident, more independent and mentally healthier in later life.

There is also an important argument why you don't have to be ashamed of yourself because you don't have 37, but only two real friends, whom you only see every four weeks. According to another British study, very intelligent people are worse off when they see their friends often. Why it is like that? No idea. But if that applies to you too, you at least know that you are very smart!