Third party chargers ruin the iPhone

These mistakes will ruin your battery

By Madlen Schäfer | August 08, 2020, 8:00 p.m.

As soon as you are out and about, the smartphone's battery is almost empty - does that sound familiar to you? Perhaps you make one of these mistakes and ruin your cell phone battery. TECHBOOK explains how to use your smartphone correctly and how to save the battery.

The battery is probably one of the most important components of our cell phone. It decides when we need electricity or even a new cell phone. If the battery is broken, you often need a new phone because a new battery would no longer be worthwhile for the purchase price. So watch out: These tricks will help you to make your smartphone last longer.

Do not fully charge the battery

Originally invented so that we can make wireless calls and write, our smartphones usually hang on the charger for a long time. The concern: the battery could be empty at any time. You want to be prepared. This is why we often tend to always fully charge the phone. Unfortunately, the battery is not particularly happy about it! It's been proven that batteries can work best at 30 to 70 percent and therefore work longer. It is therefore advisable to charge the battery not just once a day, but several times.

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Charge too late

You should only charge a battery when the battery is almost empty - that is a myth and unfortunately wrong! Lithium-ion batteries, as used in every conventional smartphone, are prone to fluctuations if they are not supplied with sufficient energy. Therefore, you should try to avoid a completely drained battery. Your cell phone should always be connected to the power supply in good time so that the cell phone always has enough power available.

Charge too early

As a precautionary measure, many people often charge their cell phones too early to avoid the threat of a smartphone shutdown. Anyone who connects the cell phone to the power supply at 50 or even 70 percent will damage the device's battery. Our tip: Do not connect your smartphone to the charging cable until the battery status is less than half.

Always pull the charger out of the socket!

The perfect temperature

Your smartphone should never get too cold or too hot, because the battery cannot handle extreme temperatures well. At such extreme temperatures, the battery has to deliver more power than at normal temperatures. For example, Apple specifies the ideal temperature for using iPhones, iPods and iPads between 0 and 35 degrees. The reason: a chemical reaction takes place in the battery that produces electrons. The flow of electrons generates energy that serves as an energy supplier for the smartphone. This chemical process slows down when it is cold and ultimately even leads to the cell phone being switched off. You can find more about this here: Cold is so dangerous for our smartphones.

Charge your cell phone in bed

Even though it is a daily habit for many to charge the cell phone in bed, you shouldn't do that. Not only can it destroy the battery, it is also very dangerous for the user. When the smartphone is charged, heat is generated that cannot be compensated for by pillows or duvets. If the battery overheats, charging in bed can lead to a technical defect and, in the worst case, even to a fire. Conclusion: the cell phone is not a bedtime treat!

Use a different charger

If the smartphone charger is no longer functional, many users choose a charger from another manufacturer when buying a new one. This is often cheaper to buy. But: third-party chargers can cause damage because they are not optimally adapted to the needs of the cell phone. In order not to shorten the life of your battery, you should use the manufacturer's charging cable.

Store full or empty batteries

The old smartphone is often kept in a drawer as a replacement cell phone. It is recommended that the battery is approximately half charged. Otherwise the capacity of the battery can be reduced with a lower charge.

Continuous use of a battery case

A battery case helps the cell phone to last longer. But in the long run this can affect the performance of the battery because both batteries give off heat, which can cause technical damage.

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