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The introduction to »Gnadenmord« reads exciting, creepy and very brutal at first, because you follow Reardon Thorogood, who just realizes that her family has been massacred. On her escape from the house, she meets the killer ... but that was the beginning of the tension ...

Lengthy passage
Following this rather nerve-wracking scene, readers accompany DI Damen Brooke to a new crime scene. There, above all, a lot of Brooke's colleagues get to know their names, ranks, their abbreviations and responsibilities within the English police. Good prerequisites for an interview, but rather lengthy for a thriller.

Exciting insights
Since a lot of things are repeated here, there is no speed whatsoever and therefore a lot of tension and I almost wanted to give up, annoyed. But then things almost started to overturn :-) New information and findings led to many twists and turns within the story, Damen Brooks daughter seems to be somehow involved in the events and small, nasty cliffhangers at the end of each chapter entice you to read on.

Surprising resolution
The closer you get to the resolution, the more excited you are to find out where it all leads to. A little something, at least a small part of the murders, you can imagine. At least the original title gives a little hint :-) But the motivation of the perpetrator offers a big surprise, just like the person of the perpetrator. So sticking to it will definitely be rewarded :-)

My conclusion
After a somewhat weak beginning, »Gnadenmord« develops into a veritable thriller with everything that goes with it. A bit of initial patience is required here, which will definitely be rewarded.